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game name instruction card # playfield shot map system
24 755-51A7  special thanks to Carny_Priest SAM
AC/DC 755-51C6 & 755-51C7  special thanks to Carny_Priest SAM
Aerosmith     Spike 2
Austin Power 755-5174   Whitestar
Avatar 755-51B1  special thanks to Carny_Priest SAM
Batman 66     Spike 2
Batman The Dark Knight 755-51A3 755-51A3-00-SM SAM
Batman Freeplay  special thanks to Carny_Priest SAM
Big Buck Hunter 755-51B2  special thanks to Carny_Priest SAM
CSI 755-51A2   SAM
CSI 755-51A2  special thanks to Carny_Priest SAM
Dale Jr. 755-5197  special thanks to Carny_Priest Whitestar
Elvis 755-5184 755-5184-00-SM Whitestar
Family Guy 755-5193 755-5193-00-SM SAM
Family Guy second version Shot Map 755-5193-00-SM-2 SAM
Game of Thrones     Spike 1
Ghostbusters 755-51H5  special thanks to Carny_Priest SAM
Grand Prix 755-5191 755-5191-00-SM Whitestar
Guardians of the Galaxy      
Harley Davidson 16-20001 & 16-20001-Ger   WPC-AN
Harley-Davidson (2nd edition) 755-5167   Whitestar
Harley-Davidson (3rd edition) 755-5187   Whitestar
High Roller Casino 755-5165   Whitestar
Indiana Jones 755-51A4 755-51A4-00-SM SAM
Iron Man 755-51B3  special thanks to Carny_Priest SAM
Kiss 755-51H1  special thanks to Carny_Priest SAM
Metalica LE (Master of Puppets)   50 121013 LE SAM
Metalica Premium   50 121013 Premium SAM
Metalica Pro 755-51E1 (Carny Priest) 50 121013 Pro SAM
Monopoly 755-5175   Whitestar
Mustang   50 060314 Pro SAM
NASCAR 755-5186 755-5186-00-SM Whitestar
NBA 755-51A9  special thanks to Carny_Priest SAM
NFL 755-5173   Whitestar
Pirates of the Caribbean 755-5192 755-5192-00-SM SAM
Playboy 755-5176   Whitestar
Ripley's Belive it or Not! 755-5181   Whitestar
RollerCoaster Tycoon 755-5178   Whitestar
Sharkey's Shootout 755-5172   Whitestar
Shrek 755-51A5   SAM
Spider-Man 755-5194 755-5194-00-SM SAM
Spider-Man fuse decal 820-6221-94MAP (image)  
Spider-Man Vault Edition 755-51A0  special thanks to Carny_Priest SAM
Star Trek LE   50 121013 LE SAM
Star Trek Premium   50 121013 Premium SAM
Star Trek Pro 755-51E4 (Carny_Priest) 50 121013 Pro SAM
Star Wars     Spike 2
Striker Xtreme 755-5168   Whitestar
Terminator 3: Rize of the Machines 755-5179   Whitestar
The Avengers 755-51D3  special thanks to Carny_Priest Spike 1
The Lord of the Rings 755-5180 755-5180-00-SM Whitestar
The Rolling Stones 755-51B8   SAM
The Simpsons Pinball Party 755-5177 755-5177-00-SM Whitestar
The Sopranos 755-5185 755-5185-01-SM Whitestar
The Walking Dead 755-51F8  special thanks to Carny_Priest SAM
Transformers 755-51C3  special thanks to Carny_Priest SAM
Tron Legacy 755-51B9  special thanks to Carny_Priest SAM
Wheel of Fortune 755-5198 755-5198-00-SM SAM
World Poker Tour 755-5188 755-5188-00-SM SAM
Wrestlemania     Spike 1
X-Men 755-51D2  special thanks to Carny_Priest SAM
coin card 755-5087 USA  
coin card 755-5400 USA  
coin card 755-5400 USA Carny_Priest version  
coin card 755-5401 Euro  
coin card color poster    
coin card tournament USA