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Rocky Pinball By Bally 1978 at

A game based on the series of Rocky Movies.  In fact this pinball is seen in Rocky III with a different glass.

Full view of this pinball game.

This is a widebody pinball the same size as Black Hole & Haunted House.

The side artwork is pretty good for stencils.

The head of the pinball carries the boxing theme as well.

A closeup of the head artwork.

The game did not sell very well and only 1500 units or so were made a low run for a pinball machine.

Here you can see that the flippers are backwards from standard pinball machines.

photos courtesy of Mark

September, 1982 / 4 Players
Manufacturer: D. Gottlieb & Company
Model Number: 672
MPU: Gottlieb System 80A
Type: Solid State Electronic
Production: 1,504 units
Theme: Celebrities - Fictional - Licensed Theme
Specialty: Widebody
Design by: John Trudeau
Art by: David Moore
Notes: When seen in Rocky III this machine has a prop backglass used only for the movie
Only 3 of the prop backglasses were made and one was destroyed in the film.
The other two are in posession of collectors.
Click Here For Full IPD Entry

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