I hope you find everything you are looking for. Just click on a manufacturer or a button above to view all the information in the online jukebox museum and archive. I have put this page together with the intention of helping the jukebox collector in their quest to restore and enjoy these awesome machines. This is a non profit site. I have added the google ads to help pay for the bandwidth and server space.

There are photos here of all the classic jukeboxes from AMI, Rowe, Seeburg, Rock-ola, and Wurlitzer. I cover both 78 & 45 RPM vinyl record jukes as well as CD jukeboxes. Not just the most sought after machines are listed here. But also the not so sought after as well.

The buttons at the top will take you to the following:
AMI - Photos and listings of all Ami and Rowe Jukeboxes
Rock-Ola - Photos and listings of all Rockola Jukeboxes
Seeburg - Photos and listings of all Seeburg Jukeboxes
Wurlitzer - Photos and listings of all Wurlitzer Jukeboxes
Classifieds - Here you can post an ad to buy or sell a jukebox, parts, or related items.
Links - My collection of jukebox related links.
My Jukes - A listing of my current jukebox collection
Title Strips - The free title strip page.
FAQ - Takes you to the frequently asked questions page for the alt.collecting.juke-boxes newsgroup.
Videos - Here you can watch videos of jukeboxes with Real Player.

I have looked near and far to find jukebox photos. Most of these were sent to me by other collectors. This is your page too! If you would like your site added to my links page let me know. If you can help out with missing photos please email me. Thanks to everyone for their support. - Ken In Texas

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