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Monopoly Pinball Owners List At

(This info was previously hosted by Dennis at

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Owner Manufacture Date Serial Number Location Comments
Tony D'Aprile 09/20/2001 159580 Charlotte, NC
Matt Adams 09/28/2001 159694 Birmingham, AL
Elaine Garzon 10/02/2001 159714 Miami, FL I purchased the pin from Brady Dist.

Steve Evans 10/03/2001 159746 Columbus, GA
Mark Orthner 10/03/2001 159749 Hammonton, NJ
Jeff Newton 10/03/2001 159751 Houston, TX Purchased NIB from
Web page
Billiard Cafe Klenzestr 10/12/2001 160008 Munich, Germany On Location Klenzestr. Come and play 50cent/game
Jim Hicks 10/11/2001 160014 Erie, CO My three favorites - Lawlor, pinball and Monopoly!
Paul Drabik 10/23/2001 160241
Love these Lawlor designs - Monopoly goes nicely with our SC and NGG!
Thanks to Jack at
Kevin Chandler 10/23/2001 160246 Dayton, OH
Mike Budzinak 10/23/2001 160255 Cheyenne, WY
Reed Wilson 10/25/2001 160302 Redmond, Washington
John M. Salvador 10/29/2001 160374 Charlotte, NC Monopoly is a better playing game than most of the last Willams Pins
with the exception of Monster Bash in my opinion, but it still
suffers a little from a few cut corners (ie. the darn back box lighting and humming.)
Toney Priewe 10/30/2001 160444 Madison, WI
Christopher & Janet Wolf 10/31/2001 160502 Houston, TX Purchased NIB from Born on Halloween!
Hank Wright 11/05/2001
Los Angeles, CA
Brett Slack 11/07/2001 160686 Atlanta, GA I like it!
Steve and Bonnie Robbins 11/08/2001 160705 Henderson, NV Purchased NIB from Jack at
Mark Tuberville 11/12/2001 160748 Sunnyvale, CA Purchased NIB. Not quite a Williams game, but close!
Scott Olsen 11/16/2001 160878 Chula Vista, CA Bought NIB from Jack at
Jeff Brown 11/21/2001 161012 Springfield, IL Made 11/21/01 Picked up from stern Yesterday right after they boxed it up:)

Purchased NIB from Jack at

Martin Wiest 11/28/2001 E161199 Munich, Germany France Edition, came via Switzerland and then used to Germany
John & Sharyn Martuscelli 01/01/2002 161774 Wall, NJ <> Purchased NIB from Don & Jack at
Machine born on New Year's Day !!
Excellent Pin !
Barry Jafrato 12/18/2001 161601 Scottsdale, AZ Purchased NIB from Mountain Coin
John Arriola 01/10/2002 161848 Scotts Valley, CA Purchased NIB - "Own it all"
STEVE HANNA 01/11/2002 162000 ONTARIO CANADA Purchased from Ed Belfour #20 of the Toronto Maple Leafs.
This pin is mint !
Autographed in two places by original owner,
NHL Hockey Legend==> Ed Belfour
William Comeiro 01/2002 161900 Woburn, MA Bought it brand new and LOVE IT!!!!  My first pin of more to come...
I perfer new to used so I am waiting for another Pat Lawler design...
 Monopoly is PERFECT for the most part!!!!
Stephen Beall 01/29/2002 162075 Santa Maria, CA Factory installed Electric Company shield (back of board)
J. Weaver Jr. 03/13/2002 163012 Rockville, MD Purchased NIB from Kerry Stair of
at Pinball Expo 18

Chris March 2002 163053 California
Greg King 03/19/2002 163114 Cleveland, OH Come and play at Larry's Pizza in Garfield Heights Ohio!
Jim and Brad 03/19/2002 163242 Muskegon, MI
Geoff Gibson 06/18/2002 164802 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Purchased "nearly new" (only 300 plays)
from Mark Kupiec at Starburst Coin Machines Inc. in Toronto. and
Brian Bannon 06/11/2002 164857 Weldon Springs, Missouri Picked-up at Stern factory, purchased from,
Ramp and sound mods are now factory installed.
Jim Kinnear 06/12/2002 164887 Ellicott City, Maryland
Mike Anderson 06/18/2002 164938
<>couple of mechanical bugs:
upper flipper not working – adjusted contact

upper pop not working – adjusted blade contact
otherwise a decent machine to play, has a lot of cool features!
Hal Work 06/21/2002 165001

David Ensiminger 06/26/2002 165075
I just bought my Monopoly Pinball
machine today new in the box from Birmingham Vending
Company in Birmingham, AL.
Gary D. Bridgewater 03/26/2003 170897
A great game the whole family loves!
Brian Herrel
Cary, NC
Sits next to another Lawlor classic…Earthshaker

Monopoly Pinball Platinum Edition Owners

Platinum Owner Manufacture Date Serial Number Location Comments
Rob Fleischman (Electri Company)
12/5/2001 161341 Concord, NH
John Rhodes (Atlantic Avenue)
12/5/01 161345 SF Bay Area, Ca
Steve Zamonski (Baltic Avenue)
01/11/2002 161882 Toms River, NJ Purchased NIB through Jack @
Steve Petty (Indiana Avenue)
12/05/2001 161350 Indianapolis, IN NIB From Factory delivered 12/07/01 through Jack
Ron and Peg Eichelman (Illinois Avenue)
12/5/2001 161357 Tampa Bay, FL Purchased NIB from Jack at
Jeff Dietz (St. James Place)
12/21/2001 161750 Arlington Heights IL
Evan Steiner (Kentucky)
01/11/2002 161887 Los Gatos, CA
Donnie Barnes (Income tax)
07/02/2002 164997 Chapel Hill, NC Bought NIB from

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