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Ken's Carnival Tonka Digger Dragline Crane At

I had been searching for these for years. I had almost given up ever finding any. Most have been junked years ago and the few that survive are way out of my price range. Then I met James Roller. James is a retired carnival man and worked the cranes on midways across America for a great deal of his life. He restored this crane for me as part of a trade deal for another machine. Jim is a great guy and his knowledge of the carnival business and of diggers and cranes is probably unmatched anywhere in the country. Although he claims he has retired from building or restoring any more cranes to focus on his own collection he web site can be found here.

This single cabinet is completely custom and was built by James Roller just to showcase this Tonka digger. Cranes at carnivals came in either double or quad cabinets which are a bit larger than the average game room will allow. This machine is not for sale or trade at any price.

This game features a "skill stop" button which will allow you to stop the travel of the crane in a spot you choose.

This game also has a prize chute to deliver the prize to the customer.

Ken (left) and James (right) on Delivery Day July 12th 2003.

CLICK HERE If you would like to see the Erie Digger Crane

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