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Xenon Pinball by Bally of 1979 at

Xenon - Pinball Machine Image
Awesome Artwork On Every Angle of this Game!
Xenon - Pinball Machine Image
Stunning Backglass Artwork! It uses infinity lighting that was hot in the 70's
Xenon - Pinball Machine Image
Coin door shot
Xenon - Pinball Machine Image
Full view of this classic pinball machine
Xenon - Pinball Machine Image
Head Artwork
Xenon - Pinball Machine Image
Other side.  Notice the head is hinged so you can open it to work on the boards.
Xenon - Pinball Machine Image
Lower playfield view,  many of the games are very worn here.
Xenon - Pinball Machine Image
Middle playfeild view.  Drop targets on the right.
Xenon - Pinball Machine Image
The famous tube shot.
Xenon - Pinball Machine Image
Full playfield layout.

These photos were provided courtesy of drnogle7021

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4 Players
Manufacturer: Bally Manufacturing
Project Date: November 26, 1979
Model Number: 1196-E
MPU: Bally MPU AS-2518-35
Type: Solid State Electronic (SS)
Production: 11,000 units
Theme: Fantasy
Notable Features: One of the first talking pinball machines. Most remembered for its sexy sounding voice.
Infinity lights behind backglass.
Design by: Greg Kmiec
Art by: Paul Faris
Notes: Is the first talking Bally game

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