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TWILIGHT ZONE Pinball By Bally 1993 at

TWILIGHT ZONE - Pinball Machine Image

Shot of the widebody playfield

TWILIGHT ZONE - Pinball Machine Image

About This Pinball

Twilight Zone is a 1993 widebody pinball game designed by Pat Lawlor and released under the Bally name.
It is based on the classic TV show of the same name and references to different episodes can be found on both the backgalsss and the playfield.
This game is known as SuperPin or widebody pinball machine of which WMS made a few other examples that in the end proved too costly as pinball
sales declined.

Lawlor put everything possible in the game and most pinball players consider to be the most complicated pinball game ever built.
In fact route operators tended to dislike the game due to the sheer number of parts that could break.
It did however earn very well on location. Music from the original TV show is in the game as is remix of the 1982 song "Twilight Zone", by Golden Earring.

TWILIGHT ZONE - Pinball Machine Image
TWILIGHT ZONE - Pinball Machine Image

Some ball level shots


Twilight Zone is a mode based game. The modes are represented as panels on the door in the middle of the pinball playfield.
The door panels modes and are listed below in alphabetical order

10 Million Points Awards 10 million points.

Battle The Power Lights the "Battle the Power" shot for entry to mini playfield.

Camera Shooting the Camera gives a different award. Awards Include 20 Million Points, Lite Outlanes, Clock Millions, Collect Bonus,
3X Town Square, and 10 Hitchhikers.

Clock Chaos Shoot the clock target until time runs out. Awards increase with each shot.

Clock Millions Shooting the clock target awards 1 million points X the position of the hour hand on the clock.

Gumball shoot the right orbit to load the pinball into the Gumball machine. If you do this enough the Powerball will cycle onto the playfield.

Greed Shoot for the 5-million-point targets.

Hitch-Hiker Awards 2 million points for each hitchhiker the player has collected.

Lite Extra Ball a shot to the lock awards the extra ball.

Town Square Madness Timed mode. All targets score a set amount of points, the jet bumpers increase the value of each target.

Fast Lock An AM radio on the DMD plays clips from older Pat Lawlor pinball machines,
counting down a jackpot amount. Shoot the lock and the jackpot is awarded with a 3-ball multiball during which shooting the lock awards another jackpot.
The music during this mode is a main multiball track from the game whose clip was playing when the lock was shot.
Games include Addams Family, FunHouse, Whirlwind, Earthshaker, and Banzai Run.

Spiral Shoot the Spiral magnets for points.

Super Slot Lights the Slot Machine for various point awards

Super Skill Shot Shooting the left ramp returns pinball to the plunger,

Shoot red area to "Battle the Power", Shoot Orange area to lights outlane, and Yellow area lights extra ball shot.

TWILIGHT ZONE - Pinball Machine Image

The door panels list various modes you must play. Get them all and start LITZ or the Lost In The Zone Wizard Mode.

TWILIGHT ZONE - Pinball Machine Image

My side has typical fade of the red ink (sigh)

TWILIGHT ZONE - Pinball Machine Image

The Powerball resides here in the gumball machine. The powerball is cermanic and is much lighter than a normal pinball. Thus it is VERY fast.

TWILIGHT ZONE - Pinball Machine Image

The most powerful jet setup Ive ever had on a machine. There is also a "sucker" shot here through the bumpers to hit the "Dead End". Hitting it multiple times lights the extra ball.

TWILIGHT ZONE - Pinball Machine Image

Battle The Power! Here magnets serve as flippers. If you use them to make the ball go through the top slot you get big points and a door panel.

TWILIGHT ZONE - Pinball Machine Image

Tight ramp shots. Note the infamous clock. It was prone to failure due to high heat. However, replacement parts are now out there for it.


The Twilight Zone Pinball has four different multiballs which was a record for the time including:

Fast Lock Multiball (3-ball) - Starts by loading a ball in the lock shot.

Powerball Mania (3-ball) Starts by loading the Powerball into the Gumball Machine.

Regular Multiball (3-ball) Starts after locking two balls in the lock, then shooting the lock a third time or the left ramp.

Lost in the Zone (6-ball) The game's final mode also known today as a wizard mode,
given to a player who has successfully lit all of the door panels. Often it is referred at LITZ which is short for Lost in the Zone
The player has 45 seconds to hit as many targets as possible - all single-ball modes are lit during LITZ,
and balls are placed back into play when they drain. When time runs out, the flippers shut off and all balls drain.
The total score made during LITZ is added while the Gumball Machine machine is refilled. Gameplay then starts over.

TWILIGHT ZONE - Pinball Machine Image

Rod baby you are imortal! The prototype glass had Rod smoking a cigarette like he did when doing the Twilight Zone. However, his widow asked that they remove it and Williams was happy to comply. Rod Serling died in 1975 and thus his voice is impersonated on the game.


Twilight Zone (TZ) /No. 2684/ Midway Mfg. Co.,
a subsidiary of WMS Industries, Inc.,
April 5, 1993, 4 players

Trade name: Bally
Model number: 50020
Specialty: Wide-body Machine

Theme: Adventure - Supernatural - Licensed Theme
Design: Pat Lawlor
Art: John Youssi
Software: Larry DeMar, Ted Estes
Sound: Chris Granner
Music: Chris Granner

Slogans:You have just crossed over... into the Twilight Zone
Enter Into a New Age of Pinball
The Profit Zone. (with PlayMeter and Replay ratings)
Twilight Zone includes more features with patents pending than any other game in history!
Click Here For Full IPD Entry


Twilight Zone Clock & Gumball Machine

Twilight Zone Match Animation

Dont Touch The Door (wav)

Hitchhiker (wav)

Rod His Bad Self (wav)

Click Below For Large Glass & Flyer Scans

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Twilight Zone Pinball Machines References To The Classic TV Show

Below is a list of references in the pinball machines which match their counterparts in the TV series. Note that not
all the graphics used in the pinball are in the TV show. Some are unique to the game like the pyramid and the gumball machine.
On a personal note I wish that the episode "To Serve Man" had made it into the gameplay as a mode.


Rod Serling
Talky Tina Doll - From the episode THE LIVING DOLL
Radio -From the episode STATIC.
A Quarter Standing on its Edge - From the episode A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS.
Victrola Record Player - from the episode SOUNDS AND SILENCES
Skull and Bug -From the Episode QUEEN OF THE NILE.
Small Featureless Mannequin/Artist's Model- From one of the many opening credit sequences.
Life Preserver from the Queen of Glasgow- From the episode JUDGMENT NIGHT.
Rocketship -from the episode I SHOT AN ARROW INTO THE AIR
An Invader - From the Episode THE INVADERS
Large Wooden Spoon and Curved Knives- From the Episode THE INVADERS
Maple Street Sign -From the episode THE MONSTERS ARE DUE ON MAPLE STREET
Casey's Uniform and Cap -From the episode THE MIGHTY CASEY
Cannon -from one of the Civil War episodes: either STILL
Book - REQUIUM FOR A HEAVYWEIGHT Serling's first highly-acclaimed script
Book- MATHESON 1962 one of the key writers on the show besides Serling
Book- BEAUMONT- Charles Beaumont, the other major writer beside Matheson and Serling
Book - HOUGHTON - A reference to Buck Houghton, long time producer of the Twilight Zone episodes
Book - From TO SERVE MAN
A Monster's Head (with tag attached reading 3/62) -From the episode THE FUGITIVE
King Nine Flight Jacket (with tag attached reading 4/62) - From the episode KING NINE WILL NOT RETURN
Spiral Calendar with Knife in February 12, 1964 - the date the series was canceled by CBS
Picture of Airplane and Dinosaurs - From the episode ODYSSEY OF FLIGHT 33
Picture of Pyramid-like things on a Landscape -From one of the opening credits sequences
Autographed Picture of Casey -from THE MIGHTY CASEY
The Swords and the Calvary 7 Flag - from THE 7TH IS MADE OF PHANTOMS
Three Strange-Looking Masks -From the episode THE MASKS
The Slot Machine - From the episode THE FEVER
E=MC^2 - From the opening credits
A Boxing Card - from STEEL or THE BIG TALL WISH
Daily Times with Headline "Aliens Land Today" - From the episode TO SERVE MAN
Santa Claus' Cap - From the Episode NIGHT OF THE MEEK
A Helmet from a Spacesuit - from THE PARALLEL
An Airplane - From the episode THE ARRIVAL
Package - Mr. Frisby - In reference to the episode HOCUS-POCUS
Package - Mr. Bemis - from TIME ENOUGH AT LAST
Package - Mr. Whipple - Another reference to THE BRAIN CENTER AT WHIPPLE'S
Package - Mr. Dingle - from the episode MR. DINGLE, THE STRONG
Ventriloquist's Dummy named Willy with Road Trunk and Costumes - from the episode THE DUMMY
A Bottle of Professor Daemon's Love Potion - From the episode THE CHASER
A Player Piano - From the episode A PIANO IN THE HOUSE
Piece of Paper Charred Around the Edges - From the episode THE GIFT
The Camera - From the episode A MOST UNUSUAL CAMERA
Female Robot Head - From the episode THE LONELY


E=MC^2 - From opening credits
Featureless Mannequin/Artists Model - From opening credits
Door - From opening credits
Eye - From opening credits


Talking Tina
Mr. Bemis
Town Square
Robby the Robot
Rod Serling
The Clock
The Player Piano
The Camera
The Hitchhiker - From the episode THE HITCH-HIKER
The Slot Machine
The Rocket
The Door
The left Slingshot plastic shows the featureless mannequin/artists model, the right shows another invader

TWILIGHT ZONE - Pinball Machine Images

These photos were sent in on a machine being restored by who often sends me cool pinball photos.

TWILIGHT ZONE - Pinball Machine Images

The artwork on the twlight zone pinball machine is top noth and has lots of detail

TWILIGHT ZONE - Pinball Machine Images

Everytime you look at it you seem to notice something new.

TWILIGHT ZONE - Pinball Machine Images

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