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Terminator 2 Pinball Owners List at




 Please email your game information to and I will add you to the list!

Current T2 Pinball Owners

  Name Location Serial Number Date Manufactured


1. Rob Bell Concord, CA 50013 771033 02/29/1991 No Super Clean machine. Fast play and brilliant looks makes this game a keeper! Great game for beginners and advanced players. All around great theme that everyone knows.
2. Larry La Feuvre Kalispell, Montana 50013 774226 01/27/1991 No I think that T2 is a great game with plenty of features to keep a players interest.
3. Doug Chappell Aurora, Ontario, Canada 50013 978414 11/27/1991 No
The game is currently undergoing a complete restoration at the moment. Chris Hutchins is repairing/CC'ing the PF, all I need now is a NOS plastic set to put the "icing on the cake".  (or at least a decent used plastic set that is in better shape than mine)  I've got a repro set of plastics that will barely do the pin justice, but at least none are broken or yellowed.  If you have ANY leads on a plastic set I would greatly appreciate it.

Chris Felix

Coatesville, PA

50013 970207 09/27/1991 No

Prof Rom: Not Yet, Have the files not burned yet. Came off a route, not bad shape but well used.  I’ll start cleaning it up soon.

5. James Barnett St. Cloud, Florida 50013 977023 ??/??/1991 Yes It plays very nice now, but needs better slingshot and behind the skull plastics. All in all a very fast and interesting pin. My T2 is working perfect now and I've made all the repairs to it, including plastics replacements or repairs. I've also just added the profanity ROM to it.
6. Warren McCulloch Coquitlam,
BC Canada
50013 771253 ??/??/1991 No Very clean machine. Removed day 1 mylar to reveal minty playfield underneath. Broken  plastic to the right of skull (seems like a repro job for Alan Meyer!) Great game, makes a nice change to the stop and go of TZ.
7. Roland Nitsche Stuttgart,
 50013 97515, 10/12/1991 No Collecting pinball machines over 20 years now. My T 2 is in  a very good condition.
I bought  it from another collector 1996. Doing all repairs by myself, I use only original parts from Steve Young (USA) or Mayfair Amusement (USA).
8.  Kerry Stair Winfield,  IL Proto Serial # 5 ??/??/???? Yes I have proto serial # 5 with profanity ROMs . . . I need to totally rebuild it as it was on location for 8 years.
9. Mark Peterson Chelsea, MI 50013 1775155 ??/??/???? Yes
 I believe it is an Italian import.  It does have the profanity ROM installed.  I purchased it from a private owner who had it for 2 years.  I cleaned it up some, removed the mylar.  The plastic around the skull is broken, so I will be looking to repair that in the future although it is not noticeable and doesn't affect game play. 
10. Steve Thomson Unknown??? ????? ??????? ??/??/???? Yes Excellent condition, profanity ROMs, buff out the gun mounting and assembly hardware to a bright chrome…looks awesome. Love the Ramp Flow on T2
11. Chris Woodard Hereford, Texas 50013 774571 ??/??/???? Yes
Game came in off route for sometime!  Only had it for a few days but so far works great!  Gun needs a little work as you can't hit the bottom target but everything else is great!  Only minor wear around the flippers and the plastics are good.  The cabinet is in great shape.
12.  Bill Crisafulli  Danville, CA  50013 721448  ??/??/???? Yes I do have the profanity ROMs installed, and they were fine. The game has cleaned up nicely.
13. John Wart, Jr Columbus,
50013 I775003 10/01/1990 Yes Exported Sample / Prototype machine with red lamp boards, different playfield and backbox. In very sad shape. If you've got parts for sale or trade, please contact me.


Scott Richardson

50013772625 08/09/91 No Picked this machine up for a steal at $450.00! It needed lights, a couple of quick repairs, and a lot of elbow grease but now is coming together. Here is a very strange fact about this Pin… was manufactured on my son’s birthday! Which happens to be 08/09/91. I kid you not!!!!

Marc Zsutty


San Diego, CA



??/??/???? No No Profanity ROM, Would love to do it but worried it would be a little unstable for game play being an early home version of code. Maybe someone will hack the L8 :) Still running L6 for now. Looks like mine came from Europe as the coinage is for Deutchmarks sp? Greatest pinball ever! I love it.
16. Greg Walter Machesney Park,
???????????? ??/??/???? No Yes I just got a T2 and love it.. Will write more later.  
17.  Mike Schudel  Kalamazoo, MI  50013771926 ??/??/???? No Very clean and nice machine. Steve Ritchie design with very fast loops and ramps. A very fun game with simplistic layout and design.
18. Lee Barnard East Anglia, UK 500131977830 ??/??/???? No Bought it in an as seen condition non-working for 150 Great British Pounds. An absolute steel! Back box and main cabinet in good nick for age, playfield in need of a heavy clean, couple of targets need replacing. Couldn't believe my luck when all that was wrong with it was the mains line filter. £10 later all up and running and everything works, the sounds the dot matrix the ramps, only a few bulbs out. Amazing game play even though I'm told it is a little slow because it has not been cleaned and waxed yet.
19. G Cathe McKenzie Toronto, Ontario 50013 771017 02/16/1991 No
Great machine in terrific condition.  I hope never to part with it.
20. Jason Rufer Cokato, MN 50013-772547 6/10/1991 Yes Superb condition, NOS translite, Hunter ship, skull and very clean condition. No broken plastics. One of Steve Ritchie's best ! The gun, video mode and kick back keep me coming back. The Profanity ROMS are a big disappointment you get maybe 15% of the time playing, F**K YOU A**HOLE is all you get ??  Boring...
21. Doug Mitchell Chagrin Falls,
500131775875 ??/??/???? Yes Excellent condition, missing hunter ship which I'll replace some day.
22. Mike Perscheid Carmichael, CA 50013-773181 ??/??/1991 Yes
Have profanity ROM, not currently installed.  Playfield and backglass in outstanding condition, plastics nearly as good.  Have new targets to replace center and left target banks.  Repro hunter-killer ship.  Cabinet has some paint lifting around legs.  Very fast and fun game.  You just can't go wrong with Arnold, or vintage Steve Ritchie!
23. Scott Martin Dallas, Texas ?????-?????? ??/??/???? Yes
I have a NOS playfield to put in this game from EXPO last year but it works so great I have not touched it. I'll be back
24. David McGregor New Baltimore, Michigan 50013- 774497 ??/??/???? No
no profanity chip / but planning on installing it. how ever if all it says is %$@# you @$$ hole maybe I'll pass on it. love the game works great. Seeking any and all playfield parts for full restoration
25. Alex Bonino Danville, CA 50013- 771474 ??/??/???? No My first pin, and a very nice example.  Acquired, surprisingly enough, at a San Jose Super Auction.   Shopped it when I got it, but is ready for a more thorough refurbish. Every time I think about selling it, I play a game or two and change my mind.  Boy, could I use some skull plastics..... 
26. Gary Berscht Calgary Alberta 50013  771078 02-23-91 Yes Bought this T2 after looking at quite a few.  U.S. machine,  Only removed 1 piece of mylar as all the rest was very clear and no dirt around the edges. The diamond coat polished up very nice. Has nice cabinet except for some wrinkling around legs. Installed all new plastics, bulbs and rubbers. Plays very nice and fast.
27. Chris Holmes New South Wales ,Australia 500131777243 ??//?/???? No Bought game about 5 years ago , a steal at $AU 800, great condition, all there. A great Steve Ritchie "loop game", a good companion to my Getaway, also have CFTBL, party zone, fathom, kiss etc, etc.
28. Marcin Krysinski Ruda Slaska,
Poland, Europe
50013 ?????? ??/??/???? No Comments: The must-have model for each real pinball fan. Played many games starting with EM, through SS, and DMD. And this one is the same as the entire Terminator movie idea -Revolutionary!
29. Mark Doyle Ottawa, Canada 50013 ?????? ??/??/1991 Yes Completely Restored Machine. This machine has been stripped and rebut from the Box up. Awesome condition. Plays so sweet.
30. Keith Apgar Dunbarton, NH 50013 770813 8/??/91 No
I have a T2 in a game-room surrounded by some of Steve Ritchie's titles, Flash, Firepower. Great pin! Enough said.
31. Andrew Walkden UK North West 50013 978905 ??/??/???? No N/A
Shane Kendrick
Kennewick, WA 50013 771120 ??/??/1991 No Case and back case are kind of rough, but the playfield is ok. I bought a replacement plane as the one it came with has a broken rear wing. Dot display replaced by previous owner with a Vishay brand unit.  Plays well with L-2 ROM, but want to go L-8.
35. Jørund Aakervik Trondheim, Norway 50013 779984 10/??/1991 No This game is built from 3 different T2´s. GI-connectors
rebuilt. L-8 ROM. This game is a keeper ever if it’s simple with an easy rule sheet.
36. Chris Bilclough Morpeth Northumberland, ENGLAND 50013 774658 ??/??/1991 No NO PROFANITY ROM
37. Tammy Neeley Bixby, OK 50013772411 ??/??/1991 No I just bought the T2 Pinball machine and love it.
38. Troy North Festus, Missouri 500131779311 ??/??/1991 No
Re-import game that actually was not to bad when returned to the states. A full cleanup made me a very nice T2. New hunter ship.  Cabinet in very nice condition with only light red area fade on one side.  Fast and fun game. Can be a real shot stuffer at times and very frustrating. A permanent resident in my pinball stable.
39. Brad Chamberlain Anaheim Hills, CA 50013 773290 2/06/1991 No NO PROFANITY ROM
40. Lars & Elise Molin   San Diego,
50013 ?????? ??/??/1991 No It worked fine for about 15 minutes after we bought it and then it blew the left paddle fuse.  We replace it and 15 minutes later it blew again.  We are looking for expert service or information so our computer technician can fix it for us.
41. Paul O'Leary UK 500131977421 ??/??/1991 No No Profanity Rom
Hakan Gessle
50013-772333 ??/??/1991 No
Very good condition. Has original hunter ship. Fully working, playfield complete and original. Has profanity and L8 roms. New legs, new balls. Great fun!!
43. Charles Hornat Monroe, NJ 50013-771112 ??/??/1991 No no profanity, Roms ver 2 about to be upgraded to 8.  Very clean nice game.
44. Mike Gratton Ottawa, ON,
50013-772178 09/03/1991 No Got it in pieces and relatively cheap.  Cleaned up nice.  L-8 ROMS - don't care for the profanity ROM even though I have an EPROM burner.  Works 100% but could use a flipper rebuild.  Pristine playfield.  Cabinet is very
nice, back box is a bit scratched up.  Hunter ship has a broken tail fin (held with tape). US machine.  Very simple rules so it doesn't really float my boat but my 'guests' seem to like it.  Eventually it'll end up as trade bait..
45. Antoine Lambert France? 50013-976062 ?/??/???? No  
46. Brian Gallagher Stevenston,
50013I779250 7/10/1991 No I have owned my T2 machine for around 7 years and have taken very good care of it. I know the machine inside out and have yet to see a machine in better condition. There are a few scuffs on the ROM installed, as I feel this was not the way the game was designed to be played, and why would I want a pintable to swear at me?
47. John White USA 50013  970976 11/06/1991 No 9+ all the way around, getting restored in Jan 06.  Pictures here
48. Andreas Wessel Oeynhausen,
50013-976918 ?/??/1991 Yes Clean Machine with Diamond Plate. Since 1997-2005 in Private property; 3 Owners.    
50. Steve Pond
50013 ?????? ??/??/1993 Yes
51. Randal Davies Crewe, England 50013 ?????? ??/??/1993 No This machine is an utter beast and, although T2 not hugely complex, has the best gameplay of any I have played (including Black Knight): all respect Steve Ritchie. So I bought one for £900 and worth every penny! My record score is 1.7B I can quite regularly get 4 Super Jackpots on 1 ball. Piece of cake, thank you Arnie but best forget about the day job eh!
52. Lynn Faulkner Mason, Ohio 5001-020186 ??/??/1993 Yes
I am brand new to pinball ownership and know little about them or their operation/service. My T2 supposedly has the profanity chip installed but I don't know how to turn it on (if it is actually installed). I have one row of lights in the DMD display out but otherwise the machine is in outstanding condition. Love the pin and enjoy the play.
53. Coen Dunnink

The Netherlands

50013 I997484 ??/??/1993 No

I also have the terminator 2 pinball machine at home. It belonged to Jos Verstappen. The Formula 1 driver. It was not kept well. I revised it with a friend. It’s a master piece.

54. Erich Bauer Graz, Austria 500131978844 10/18/1991 No Its my first pinball machine. No profanity Rom. A clean machine in very good condition
55. Nico Bresseleers Antwerp, Belgium 50013 I778037 ??/??/1991 No
Great pinball, little damage: tail rotor choper broken, some light( will order new ones), playfield used (yeah , sounds normal to me!) L-8 ROM, great !
56. Dave Hill Chilliwack, BC
50013 771070 08/21/1991 Yes Pretty nice cabinet and pf, have a NOS Steve Ritchie signed pf coming. Totally apart, doing a complete restore/rebuild. Chromed out the shooter handle too !
57. Paul Bailey Nottingham, England 50013-I777067 07/21/1991 No
I have recently purchased this amazing machine, I am about to upgrade it to L-8 and I have a number of parts on order to restore it to its former glory. I have no intention of fitting the profanity chips, as I feel a swearing pinball machine is wrong.
I will be doing all my own servicing, as I work as an electronics engineer.

Jaroslaw & Jan Nietrzebka

Baszkowka,  POLAND 50013 I777473 1991 No

Very clean machine with some cracked plastics. In half of year it will be collector quality.

59. Richard Lavallie Hampton, GA 50013 772762 9/24/1991 No

Need a Hunter Ship some plastics and a SKULL! Playfield is OK, and needs TLC.

60. Rick Wernik & Dawn Hottot Ontario, Canada 50013 774697 ??/??/1991 No

The machine is in excellent condition , needs some new parts a couple of things do not work but looking for someone to come to our home and repair it, other than that we enjoy playing this game all the time….

61. Dean St.Antoine Escondido CA 50013 770183 6/19/1991 Yes I un-crated this game at my condo back in 1991 with my friend Steve Horne. I think I still have a video tape of this somewhere! This was my 1st place trophy from the Terminator 2 convention held in Los Angeles where my friend Gene Lewin almost took me down at the last minute. It was also on this day I first met Roger Sharpe who wrote the book "PINBALL!" that I had been reading cover to cover since I was a small boy. Quite a day in my life to say the least. :) I'm am sure glad I called in sick on that Sunday.
62. Ted A. Bohus Park Ridge, NJ   1991 No I need a Hunter Killer Ship!
63. Robert Susan The Netherlands 50013i976213 1991 No  
64. Kris Kersey Monticello, Indiana  50013 774214 9/09/1991   I got my T-2 pin in mid July 2008 just a month ago. Really like this pin and its my first one, wife said I can buy another one when this one is done. Its great for my wife and two boys to play with me. Was on a route and was in need of a good cleaning, and some lighting problems. Took it down all the way to the playfield and cleaned it and waxed it.. Fixed some G.I. connecters . looks really good now and so bright.!!! But when i got it back together the cannon wont turn. Its not bound up I can turn the gear. Its electrical but I cant get it.. No one around here to help me , anyone that could get me through it I'd appreciate it. I have a book and am pretty good with fixing things but I'm not an EET. Going to put the profanity chip in when i get every thing else back together and working good. If someone can help, please email


65. Leigh Harrington Bayswater, Melbourne, Australia 50013 I 779871 ?????? No Just purchased my T2. It has been fully serviced and is in great condition, apart from where someone has scratched out the red eyes on Arnie on the right hand side outer panel. I also have TZ and Evel Knievel, in my games room.
Scott Pratt Orinda CA


Douglas Kruschen
Ventura County, California

My favorite game of all time!  Hope to have it shopped soon
so it will again be like new!
Cabrera Elio Ezequiel Buenos Aires, Argentina 50013 772350 91-24-5
Is an excellent machine, very funny and complete. The best pinball of all time. Multiball, animated screen, gameplay, lights and sounds make this a jewel pinball.
Rich Hendrickson Rochester, Minnesota 50013 971137 10/18/1991 NO
This machine was just taken out of service by a local vending company.  While not a collector piece it is very nice and fully functional.
Jim Grant Surrey, BC, Canada 50013 773531

I’ve had T2 for over 10 years now (sold my first pin “Flash Gordon” to buy it). When purchased it was in very good condition and over the years I have gone over it to clean up any imperfections. It’s a great game and I never get tired of playing it.
Richard G. Davis Huntington, NY 50013 970284 unknown

undergoing complete restoration by me
Todd Mueller Ham Lake, MN 50013 771850
No...what a stupid thing to do to a great game. Very nice condition... shopped by Pinball Warehouse in Nov 2011...cleaned w/ new legs,  glass, bulbs and rubber, SWTR-1HE premium high energy sound system by Pinball Pro.  (Greatest Pin ever built!) Anti glare glass is on the wish list.
James Kennedy Shorewood, IL 50013 773792 9/04/91
Was a gathering dust as a commercial unit, 1,754 Plays, replaced Hunter Ship with replica, burnt bulbs, cracked lane guides, still some work to do behind skull, missing screws, broken ramp plastic – overall playfield in excellent condition, cabinet paint curling around legs.  Great game, fast and fun play – used to play as a kid while my Dad league bowled.

Current Terminator 2 Pinball Machine And Parts For Sale

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Terminator 2: Judgment Day (T2) July, 1991
Manufacturer: Williams Electronic Games, Inc.,
Model Number: 50013
MPU: Williams WPC (Dot Matrix)
Type: Solid State Electronic (SS)
Production: 15,202 units
Theme: Celebrities - Fictional - Licensed Theme
Toys: Gun instead of a plunger.
First game with a swing-out Cannon, fired by the player.
Design by: Steve Ritchie
Art by: Doug Watson
Dots/Animation by: John Vogel, Scott Slomiany
Mechanics by: Carl Biagi
Music by: Chris Granner
Sound by: Chris Granner
Software by: Dwight Sullivan

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