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No Good Gofers Pinball Owners List at

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Owner Serial Number Date Made Location Comments...
Louis Koziarz 5336100004 08/27/1997 Chicago, IL My NGG is a hand-built MEL (mechanical  engineering lab) game that was used for writing and testing the game software.
Dave Roberts 51061400033 11/01/1997 Brighton, England Currently on Location at Aladdins Amusements on Brighton Seafront.
Jeff Garrison 53361400095 11/10/1997 Atlanta, GA I purchased this pin from NIB owner and it is currently on location.  Make sure you Mylar under the drop holes!.
Joseph A. Dziedric 50261400956 12/17/1997 Nashua, NH Purchased from Doug Mahar.
Detlef Rahlf 50261400213 12/18/1997 Hamburg, Germany Purchased from operator with <1000 plays on it,  great condition.
Michael T. Jones 53361400618 12/19/1997 Albuquerque, NM My first pin -- I want more!
J. Weaver Jr. 57261400799 12/19/1997 Rockville, MD USA Purchased 11/6/01 from Mike Frasca (MD's Pinball Palace)
Bobby Alexander 5336140110 12/19/1997 Scottsdale, AZ My first pin, appropriate as I work at a golf course.
John E. Martell 53361401299 01/05/1998 Langhorne, PA
Dave Jones 53361401481 01/05/1998 Dayton, OH
Mike Scott 53361401327 01/07/1998 Dothan, AL Bought NIB from Marc Bergen in April of 2000 while it was still on Randy Buffalo's truck, enroute from PA to OR.
Jason Wheeler 53361401395 01/07/1998 Delray Beach, FL 2nd owner, has only been out of the box for 1 1/2 years.  Still looks & plays like NIB! (Webmaster's Note: A previous owner of this game disputes this information.)
Jeff Arnold 53361401460 01/07/1998 New Hampshire Home use only, had <200 plays on it, absolutely immaculate (Webmaster's Note: I should know, Jeff bought the game from me!).
Brian Blonder 53361401602 01/07/1998 Fairfax, VA Bought NIB.  Another great Lawlor game!
Jim Hicks 53361400689 01/08/1998 Erie, CO Real nice shape, no slam ramp p/f wear.
John Salvador 53361401408 01/08/1998 Charlotte, NC Home use only - Great Game!!
Ron Salny 53361401458 01/08/1998 Rockaway, NJ
Eugene Silvestri 53361401521 01/09/1998 St. Louis, MO Rescued from a truck stop outside of Chicago, first pinball owned.
Ed Pawlowicz 53361401707 01/09/1998 Greenwich, NY Home use only.  

This game kind of matches a situation I presently have with a small chip & putt course I am building in my yard.  I have gofer's for real, pestering me on the outside course, but they are not giving me any insults yet, just digging holes everywhere.

Jeffrey A. Murphy 53361401720 01/09/1998 Warsaw, IN In my basement with 6 other Williams games.
Theo den Boer 50261401929 01/13/1998 Heinenoord, The Netherlands Bought NIB from the guy who won it at the Pinball Expo 1998, he didn't want it. V1.3 (was 1.2)
Pierre Ostiguy 53361401836 01/14/1998 Chambly Quebec Canada Bought NIB
Chuck Wagoner 53361401940 01/14/1998 Tukwila, WA This machine is receiving a lot of activity as the favorite game at a local pub.  I AM LOOKING FOR MORE NGG's.  Please advise if you have one for sale or know of one for sale. Thanks!

Ron Hansen 53361402000 01/15/1998 Lakewood, CO Bought NIB.  High score 85M (so far!).
John Hasselkus 53361402016 01/15/1998 Madison, WI Never operated, plays beautifully.
Ken In Texas ?
North Texas   Great game!  A real sleeper pinball. 
Ross Weinberg ?
Manassas, VA High score 93M
Thomas Schaffer 50261400929 ?
Frankfurt, Germany
Klaus Mühlesien 50261400354 ?
Munich, Germany Purchased from a billiard cafe.
Keith Foy 53361402272 ?
St. Louis, MO Bought NIB, currently on location.
Thomas Knorst 53361402063 ?
St. Charles, IL Bought from original NIB owner.  High score 93M, 20 holes completed.
Chris Dreher 53361401804 ?
Highlands Ranch, CO From Pinballs Unlimited
Randy Christensen 53361401203 ?
Danville, CA Bought NIB.
Paul Rogers 53361401095 ?
Austin, TX From a hot location, had >14,000 plays on it in 18  months.
Matt Magnasco 53361402786 02/02/1998 Charlotte, NC I bought it at the February, 2000, Atlanta auction.  It is the first pin I bought and it's been great.  I didn't appreciate Gofers the first few times I played it on location, but once I got used to it, I realized how cool a game it is
Todd Joyce 53361402661 02/02/1998 Omaha, NE 2nd owner, mint condition.
Chuck Wagoner 53361402784 01/30/1998 Tukwila, WA NGG #2 for Chuck (on location).  Looking for more of them!
Marc Gauvin 53361402650 01/30/1998 Chapel Hill, NC Bought this from an operator w/3000 plays. Shopped out beatifully.  High score 109M
Hank Wright 53361402680 01/29/1998 Los Angeles, CA Mint game that plays as fast as the wind.  Absolutely fabulous!  I LOVE it, but it HATES me.  ;-)  Visit me at
Chris Bucci 53361401982 01/20/1998 Erie, PA 2nd owner, excellent condition "jerky".  :)
Frank Brown 53361402277 01/21/1998 SE Wisconsin Only operated in a bowling alley.  It had a factory wiring error so the Underground Pass coil and transistor kept frying.  The operator got frustrated and finally sold it to me (with very low plays).  Like new condition, and working properly now.
Jeremy Ross 53361402304 01/21/1998 Southern, WI Fantastic condition, Bill Davis playfield!
Marc Bergen 53361402316 01/21/1998 Hood River, OR Bought NIB.
Chuck Wagoner 53361402235 01/23/1998 Tukwila, WA NGG # 3 and looking for more...
Clint Taylor 53361402493 01/26/1998 Tigard, OR
Scott Kaylor 53361402331 01/27/1998 Jacksonville, FL Much excitement & fun with all the skilled shots.  Playing pinball again brings back many childhood memories.
Thomas Nagy 5336140245 01/27/1998 Toronto, Ontario Bought NIB, birthday gift from wife.
Brian Bannon 53361402576 01/27/1998 St. Louis, MO Purchased NIB, home use only.  Wife's favorite game.
John Frank 53361402566 01/29/1998 Skippack, PA Although I got this from a retailer that I am familiar with, I was told that it belonged to an operator that needed to liquidate his route in order to obtain money to pay for the defense legal fees in his trial for drug dealing.

Martin Wiest
Munich, Germany
NGG came from Switzerland, very good Condition
Jim Weeks 53361402069 1/21/98
Tampa, FL.
Michele and Jim Farber 50461400920 12/16/97 Owings, MD A filthy but unworn NGG from France.  Now cleaned up and looking and playing great!
Matt Fenn 52061401275 12/24/1997 Syracuse,NY Fully restored with NOS Playfields,Plastics,Gofers,Ramps.  Great Game!! FORE!
Vic Pineschi 50461400647 12-16-97 LA Excellent condition, original decals excellent
Claude W. 50461400860 12/16/1997 Oberkorn, Luxembourg I just got a NGG out of an arcade in Paris, France

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