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Fixing The Paddle Wheel Opto On A DATA EAST / SEGA MAVERICK PINBALL 1994 at

This game often develops problems with the paddle wheel enterance opto which is right buy the VUK. Rumors abound that it did not even work correctly when it when used as a tournament game when it was introduced. The simple solution is to bypass the optic switch all together with another kind of switch. While I have docuemented this mod I can't take credit for it. The folks at Stern's technical support unofficially suggested the modification. I also used the advice and postings of folks like Dave C., Gregg W., and Barry. If you decided to mod your game I am not responsible for problems you may encounter. However, this is not a very difficult modification.

First you need to buy a Stern/Sega/Data East Reed Switch Part #SPI 9712 180-5145-XX
Make sure the game is unplugged and off. Then remove Lauren Belle plastic cover and the nuts holding the wire ramp and move out of your way.
Position the switch over the metal rails so that the sensor is is near to the middle as possible. Fish the connector for the switch down the hole of the left side of the paddle wheel.
Drill a hole where you can put a screw or zip tie. This will most likely destroy the sender optic underneath so be prepared.
I decided to use a zip tie to secure my switch. It holds pretty well and Im sure it will do fine in home use. You might choose to secure yours with a self tapping metal screw. Be warned this metal is tough stuff. I broke four drill bits drilling into it.
Underneath the game you will find two connectors for the send and recieive optics. One runs power to the led send opto on the left side of the Lauren Belle. Just unplug it and leave it. The other goes to the right side of the lauren Belle just behind the paddle wheel. Unplug it and plug the part that goes to the wiring harness into the new reed switch plug which you ran earlier. Make sure to match up the colors. The other cable that runs up to the receive opto you can just leave hanging.

Finally, recplace the parts you took off to get to the optic, and you are finished! Enjoy!

Lauren Belle Smoke Stack Modification By Cliffy at

1/4" black tubing (get from hobby store)

Can't remember exactly how long I cut it, may 2 1/2 or 3 inches? (refer to pic)

Use a single edge razor to cut a cross into one end and then split that cross with
another so you end up with 8 equal distance marks on the end.

Slice down one set of the crosses to about 3/8" depth.

Now use the other cross marks as a start point and slice down at an angle to meet the depth
cut you made before. Done right you will end up with 4 points or spikes sticking up on the end of the tubing.

Now simply bend them outwards with needle nose pliers to a desirable angle.

To mount them I drill two hole is the Lauren Bell and used sheet metal screws about 1/2" long from the bottom upwards.
The screws will not actually thread into the tubing but they should be a nice slip fit. Mix up some two part 5 minute epoxy
and coat the screw threads. Use a toothpick or small screwdriver to coat the inside of the tubing also, just at the bottom of course.

Now slip the tubing over the protruding screw threads and hold for a few seconds till they stand upright by themselves.
Hopefully you didn't use too much eopxy and didn't make a mess all over the Lauren Belle!
Done! :)

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