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You have reached the new classifieds for jukeboxes here at the pinball rebel. Please feel free to post you ads for jukeboxes and associated items here. Categories are available for AMI, Rock-Ola, Seeburg, and Wurlitzer Jukeboxes.

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Wurlitzer Jukeboxes For Sale or Wanted - back
WURLITZER JUKEBOX 1015 "BUBBLER" 78 RPM - 12:16 am, 21 June, 2009 - 513 views email the seller
For Sale: Description

This is an authentic1946 Wurlitzer 1015 Juke Box that plays 78 RPM records. It has been fully restored and is in perfect operating condition. This is the original “Bubbler” that looks and sounds fantastic. I am also including my collection of over 100 original and repressed 78 records. There is no reserve on this item so it will sell!


The Wurlitzer 1015 Jukebox was introduced in 1946, after WWII ended and building materials became available again. The 1015 brought the Wurlitzer Company great success, allowing it to rebound from near-bankruptcy brought on by the Depression. The 1015 pushed Wurlitzer forward as the leader of jukebox manufacturing, with 56,000 units being sold in less than 2 years. This was the Golden Age of jukebox production. And the 1015 wasn’t just a huge hit in the United States, but also appeared anywhere Americans went, following GIs all over the globe.

Also called the “1015-Bubbler”, this juke is arguably the most popular jukebox of all time. It was conceptualized by the famous designer Paul Fuller (who was chief designer with the Wurlitzer Company from 1935-1948). The ornate design of 1940’s jukeboxes has been referred to as “gothic” or having a “cathedral” look, but this juke has more of an art deco influence. With its illuminated, color-changing pilasters, 8 bubble tubes, shiny chrome and domed top, it is reflective of the positive, uplifted attitude of the post-war nation. The coin-operated 1015 plays 78-RPM records and has push-button Multi-Selector technology, allowing selected records to be played. The model 1015 was produced from 1946 to 1947, and was so popular that many of them were utilized right into the 50’s. This longevity is responsible for the 1015’s association with the 1950’s sock-hop era.


This used jukebox is in perfect operating condition. My experience in shipping this jukebox is that no matter how well packed, the vibrations in transit cause some of the delicate internal machinery to go out of alignment. You will most probably need to have it adjusted prior to using it. There are two small defects on the exterior. One on the wood at the bottom front of the unit and the other is a small crack in the plastic that is too small to photograph clearly. I have uploaded close up photos so you can see them.


I will have the juke box professionally packed and crated and the components inside will be properly secured. This item can be shipped worldwide. The buyer will pay all crating and shipping chargs to the final destination. The charge for crating is $400. The shipping charge will be the actual cost to your destination. This item is located in Santa Fe, New Mexco.

Weight - 360 lbs

Size - 60" High, 33.5" Wide, and 25" Deep

Plays 24 - 78 rpm records

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