Revision History

March 20, 2004. I wrote some software that allows the viewing of the dot matrix images within WPC ROM images. See some information on the web-page I created for it.


January 16, 2004. I updated all of the html files on the web-page so they now link to instead of There seems to be some problem with the server at this time. Either way SHOULD work.

Additionally, look out for an update to the ball trough repair page. I've receved a handful of emails over the past year with problems with too many balls on the playfield which are not solved using the ball-trough-repair page of mine. I will update the page soon and remark at the top of that page when I get it updated.


October 4, 2003. This update is to let everybody know that I'm still alive and still consider my Indiana Jones Shop-out web-page to be 'up to date'. The information that I have provided is essentially timeless and can remain online for a very long time. I've received emails from many wonderful people from all over the planet (where are the IJ owners in Antarctica?).

I do get a chuckle on some of the dated material that I have presented on some of the web pages. Please keep in mind that some of the information that I provided was written several years ago. Someday I will find the time to properly reformat everything and make everything up do date. There are a few minor issues where I talk about being the best resource for accessing, has changed to ''. My computer is considerably faster than the 233Mhz or so that I reference on one of my pages here.

Since creating this web-site I have purchased a Bram Stokers Dracula and a Demolition Man (you'd like I like movie theme pins or something). I have shopped out my Dracula in a way that put the IJ shop-out to shame. Just when I thought that I couldn't go any further, I got the Demolition Man and have shopped the thing out completely (actually I'd call it a restoration over a shop-out). My DM shopout has made my IJ shopout look like novice work. I have added a new phase, the "cabinet shopout". This means that I take everything apart. Every single nut and bolt has been removed, cleaned, polished and re-installed. I had the cabinet down to an empty wood crate (okay I left the cabinet decal, ground-strapping, and side-rails installed. The playfield shop-out was just as super-detailed. I had every single part and piece removed until the playfield was a bare sheet of wood (with artwork and inserts still there!). Some day I hope to update my shop-out procedure for IJ to include the full cabinet shop-out (restoration). This could be years ahead, if anything the mention of this will inspire some of you to go ahead and do a cabinet-shop-out without any sort of guide. It is amazingly easy to remove the playfield and focus on the cabinet.

No, I did not document my DM restoration. It would have been a great thing to do, but this restoration has taken the entire summer of 2003 for me. I would work a little bit after work here and there and on weekends. The addition of documenting everything would have been too much at this time in my life. Frankly I didn't realize it would take this long or that I'd take the game apart this far. At the time of this writing I am still getting the DM back together. I'm almost done. Demolition Man has a "floating eyeball" playfield feature with an eyeball floating in a plastic sphere much like the floating compasses you may have seen. My floating-eye was all dried up and I decided to get this thing back to floating condition. I am working on a web-page that describes this venture and I will have it online here shortly. Look for another update in the next few weeks for the story of my floating eye restoration!

That's it for now, Thanks for reading this update and I hope to continue to hear from all of the IJ owners out there, it's been really great hearing from everybody over the past few years and I hope to stick around for another several decades keeping this web-page online!


February 3, 2002. This update is an apology to the Indiana Jones Pinball owners who have emailed me in December of 2001 regarding the General Illumination connector & pins on the lower left corner of the power driver board in the backbox. There were two of you who I said that I will research the parts that are required and I would build a web-page to describe what is required to replace a burnt connector and pins on the circuit board.

I have been very busy with many different things and have not been able to give this topic the attention it deserves. At this time, I have thrown together a small page with text only. I'm sorry this is not a fully detailed page, and hopefully you will be able to make some sense out of the words I type on the GI connector page. Click Here for the newly added page.

Thanks again for all of the emails that I've received from all of you! I really enjoy helping so don't hesitate to ask me about any problem you may be having with your IJ. Although I'm busy, I always enjoy the time I spend writing an email to you.


December 2, 2001. First let me say that I have been slowly updating the FAQ page throughout that past few months so keep looking for updates. I will usually update the FAQ page and not this "update" page at the same time. The FAQ page is in continuous evolution and keep an eye out for new questions when you have a question!

I have had the opportunity to watch a local Indiana Jones owner and my friend Mike H. shop out his own Indiana Jones using this web site. It has been very interesting watching him use my guide to take his IJ completely apart. He hasn't needed my direct help so far and will probably get it all back together without any problems or assistance from me. This should be an added motivation for all of you other IJ owners who are debating shopping out your machine. This is a task that anybody can do and your machine will look a lot cleaner afterwards! I've created a page which contains some photos that I've taken half-way through his shop-out. The page can be accessed from the 'Stage 1' page, or by clicking here.


July 21, 2001. I have a lazy Saturday afternoon and decided that it would be a good time to update the web site! Mainly I'm adding a FAQ page which will list commonly asked question from all of the IJ owners that I get. I really enjoy hearing from everybody around the world! I've heard from very nice people just everywhere I can imagine including: Australia, Canada, New Zeland, Germany and the United States. I live in the northwest corner of the United States, and it's always nice hearing where everybody is from. I'm sorry if I forgot to list your country, but those were the one that I remember off the top of my head.

Three updates to the web site todayů

  1. Added the FAQ page. This will have all sorts of commonly (and not so commonly) asked questions that I receive via email. This page will hopefully grow as time goes on, I'll be sure to update this page to note any additions that I make to it.
  2. Adding an "about me" page. This should give you guys who I am for anybody who wants to know that sort of thing.
  3. I took a few photos of my game room after I added some IJ movie posters. I though I would share it with you!


March 5, 2001. After moving to a house recently I had the need to remove the backbox in order to get the machine down into the basement game room. Although I didn't document the removal process, I detailed the re-assembly and made a web page detailing the process. If you need to remove your backbox you may benefit from reading the new Backbox Removal Page. Special thanks to Mike H. for helping me move my Indiana Jones. He's a fellow Indiana Jones owner who lives in the same town as me!!


December 3, 2000. I would like to thank fellow IJ owner Jason V. for emailing me a MS word version of the entire shop-out process for Indiana Jones. This file may save many of you some time in converting my raw .TXT files into your word processor. He did a great job and I will be sure to update this .DOC file if I ever change the text in the TXT files so that all of the text matches. Do download the DOC file, click here. You may find it necessary to right-click on that link and then select "save as" to save this file to your computer.


November 26, 2000. I'm working on locating sources for replacement electronic parts for your IJ. I'll start my parts page with parts for the ball trough boards. You do NOT need to buy new trough boards, parts are much cheaper. Let me know if you have a certain electronic part that you're looking for, I may be able to help. Most every electronic part in your IJ machine is standard electronic parts that you may be able to find locally. The most difficult to find electronic parts are the big square ASIC chip on the WPC CPU board and the DCS sound chip on the sound board. Follow this link to get to the parts page.


November 9, 2000. I've finally made a web page for those of you having problems with your ball troughs. I've helped several of you with your trough problems and have decided to place all of my trough knowledge in a web page rather than email the same troubleshooting techniques to each person who needs it. Be sure to email me if you have troubles with anything on the page and also let me know if it helped you! Happy holidays to everybody this holiday season. Be sure to work out any bugs in you IJ NOW and not the day before your family comes over!! I'm sure everybody is going to love your Indiana Jones!


August 19, 2000. I have changed my email address. I changed all links on my web page to redirect to my email address. My old address will still work for a few more months. I'm glad that IJ owners have been emailing me with questions and comments. I haven't had too many problems to fix, I hope I'm not getting too rusty. Be sure to send an email my way if you have any trouble or questions about your IJ pinball machine. Those of you who have emailed me know that I give very detailed explanations of how to repair your machine or what to look for. Nothing else new to report about my web page. My new email address is


I want to remind that I have not installed the lost plastic on my machine. In order to do so it appears that I have to remove all of the parts on the rear of the playfield area, and I haven't had the time to do that. I have inserted into the shop-out description process where I feel it would be necessary to remove and install the plastic. I have heard from a couple IJ owners that after the plastic is installed, everything that used to mount to that back wood panel is now sticking out 1/8" inch or a few millimeters... the width of the lost plastic. This might cause some readjusting of the playfield parts. Specifically, the metal bridge with the hole for the post that goes up-and-down for the ball to enter the mini-playfield... with the bridge a few millimeters out of previous alignment, might not be centered with that up/down post. The up/down post could now be rubbing against the hole in the bridge. It may be necessary to figure out a way of realigning the post. The first thing to do would be to loosen the screws that hold that up/down post solenoid to the bottom of the playfield, and then adjusting the solenoid bracket a little so the post is not rubbing against the bridge so hard. Then, retighten the screws that hold the solenoid bracket to the underside of the playfield.


March 25, 2000. After six years at my job of repairing pinball machines and other coin-operated gaming devices while attending college, I've finally finished my education. I've graduated Eastern Washington University with a B.S. in Technology: Electronics and a minor in Computer Science. After a brief job hunt, I've landed a job at a local company "American Electronic Sign" which designs and manufactures electronic signs which use LEDs and rear-illuminated flaps instead of the old-fashioned light bulbs. I'm working there as a Firmware Engineer. This company sells these signs to many state DOTs and Freeway Systems as well as professional sporting associations and commercial businesses.


Since I don't repair these for a living anymore. I even more look forward to hearing from my fellow Indiana Jones owners with any problems you may have. I'm not going to get to fix these anymore and helping you guys is going to be the only experience I get. I've noticed that my web-site uses mainly text without line breaks. This means that a single sentence can go off the right side of your screen a long ways before ending. I hope you all have been keen enough to cut and paste the text on my web-site into your favorite word processor for a neater appearance.


March 4, 2000. Well there's really no big update. I just wanted to take a moment in my busy life to make a note here that I'm still here! I occasionally receive emails from my fellow Indiana Jones owners with questions and general chat. I really enjoy hearing from all of you and I really enjoy helping everybody out.

You all know that I'm busy and sometimes forget to get back, but I always do reply eventually (sometimes up to 2 days before I can get back, sorry!!) I promised to put up more close-up photos of the finished shop-out for assistance putting things back together. Sometime when I have the time I will spice up the site!

I'm graduating soon with a B.S. in Technology: Electronics and Minor in Computer Science!


 September 1, 1999. Mindspring bought out Netcom. This results in more web space for me! I'm going through the site and making the following changes:

    1. Removed all the word 'Update' from old updates. The old 'Updates' are now part of the regular text. This way, I can call the new changes 'Updates'! I see this changes the flow a little bit. If you are reading the steps and find that a certain step reads like it's an 'afterthought' from the previous step then it probably used to be an 'Update' but I removed the word 'Update' I hope this doesn't cause any confusion.
    2. Changed some of the hyperlinks around a little due to some of my restructuring of the pages. If you find a broken link, please email me a quick note about it. I'll try to make sure they are all working properly. Also, in order for me to make the huge text file exactly the same as each individual stage, I'm removing the hyperlinks that exist within the text. These were links to manual pages or photos of my IJ which you can easily find on the page for that particular stage. (There's only a few manual pages that I make reference to, for rubbers and post placement).
    3. I've recently purchased the 'lost plastic' that was offered for sale on the internet from a company called 'For Amusement Only'. This plastic was part of the original design for IJ but left out of production. I'll include mention during the shop-out process when this plastic should be removed and re-installed. I haven't installed mine yet because I'll have to completely take the game apart and I haven't had the time quite or energy quite yet.
    4. I'll also include some mention about production vs. prototype Indiana Jones' in the 'Overview' section so that prototype IJ owners will realize that they are working with a slightly different IJ than the one detailed on this web page.
    5. With my added web space I'll add some close-up photos of my IJ after it's all done! These will be found in Stage 5. These should help any of you having trouble and want to see what something specific is supposed to look like when it's all done.
    6. Also, I have verification from a reader that there are, indeed, 21 connectors under the playfield, so I'll add this confirmation into the text.


I want to mention, I know that all of my links are with the '' method and the DNS automatically changes this to I choose to stay with the original because it's easier to remember. There are about 5 different ways to access the web page under different domain names, but I'm just going to stick with the old Netcom name for now.

I would like to thank Indiana Jones owner Scott Weiland for helping me come up with many of the above additions to my site. All new additions since the last major update will have the word 'Update' in front of them, so all you need to do is do a text search for the word 'Update' to find all changes. Again, all text in the huge text file will exactly match the text found in the individual stages' texts...although formatting may be a little different I places Thanks to all of the readers for your positive comments! I truly appreciate every one! I'm happy to hear that many of you have decided to take on the challenge of shopping out our Indiana Jones' and I'm glad to help!

One more note, I'm dealing with A LOT of text here, and when I make updates it might disrupt the normal flow of text. I apologize if things seem cluttered and unorganized. I can't read the entire text to make sure it's all making since when I add an update. I'm trying best I can to make sure I'm putting stuff in the right places.

July 27, 1999. Well it's a lazy summer day and I just wanted to refresh my web site. Nothing new, really. This type of site cannot really be 'updated' with any new and exciting information. I want to take this time to remind you all to email me with any Indiana Jones pinball problems. As many of you know, I get very wordy and detailed when trying to help you guys fix your machines. I do not stop the e-mail exchange until we get your problem fixed. I've even scanned some pictures and added arrows and sent them to some readers to help explain some things. Thanks to everybody for the positive feedback. Also, I was looking around my site and noticed that on my edited Manual Page (edited) showing Rubber Locations picture, I've changed the number of A's to 17, but didn't add all of the proper 'A' to the picture. I DO mention on the text where they all go, so I've added the extra 'A' with arrow that I forgot. (it's on the mini-playfield). Also, I would like to mention that I do have an EPROM programmer. I'll be happy to burn new IJ EPROMS for you. I'll ask you you pay return shipping and supply some EPROM chips to burn. Email me with questions.

March 31, 1999. I had a few spare hours. Went through and completely read all stages and fixed grammar and added comments that during the process that I see that I should have. Before each change (except for grammar and minor re-wordings), I have put an "Update:", so you can just search the text for "Update:" and find my additions. The text in the huge .TXT file now exactly matches the text found in the various 'Stages' pages text files.

March 28, 1999. Initial write-up of the Cleaning IJ web page. I will update it based on feedback from YOU. If you know of any changes I should make, let me know! Email me. I will remark on any changes in this file. Please understand, I wrote the file AS I ACTUALLY SHOPPED my IJ. There may be typos and goof ups as I stayed up late sometimes. The file is long and I haven't gone through it to correct grammar and typos yet.






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