October 2003 Update. The original version of my Game Room page is below. The original description and photos will be left here to give anybody some ideas how to decorate their game room. I've purchased my first real house in 2003 and have also purchased 2 more pins, my new game room description and photos are shown above. (at this time they are NOT shown above but I will have some updated pics and text when I get my Demolition Man shopped out and the game room cleaned up! I expect to have this updated by the end of 2003.)

Okay, it's not really a "Game Room", it is just a room with my IJ, no video games, bowling alley or other games except for a small dart board. I also have a weight set in there as well.


I recently purchased some reproduction movie posters for the room to spice up the look of things. There are several posters for the Indiana Jones movies including some posters that apparently were released long before the movie to tease movie patrons. I didn't get the teaser posters. The posters that I did get were the posters that were in theaters during the movie release. These appear to be reproductions, meaning they are basically copies and not the original printing, which is fine with me. I don't want to endorse any particular poster company, but I'll just say that I purchased them from and not provide a hyperlink. They shipped them without any problems, all rolled up in a big tube.


After getting the posters, I had to do an Indiana Jones adventure just to find some frames for a reasonable price. A local frame store wanted $55 US dollars for each frame. I ended up finding some inexpensive frames at a movie store (Suncoast). They were only $20 US and came with the plastic front and hangers. I've since heard that this particular store doesn't carry these frames anymore (locally). This is a standard movie-poster size so I think that other movie stores that sell VHS and DVD movies might have the frames for movie posters.


Here's a photo of how I arranged two of the posters. These are from the 3rd and 2nd movie…

As you can see, I also have some IJ pinball promotional speaker knock-outs on the wall.


On another wall I have a poster from the first movie…


That's all of the photos for now! Someday when I buy another pinball machine this page will contain a lot more photos! J

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