Tech Charts

These are intended to look like the originals, but to be easier to read. So they are not exact copies, and they have bigger text. We have also corrected some technical errors, but no doubt introduced some of our own. These print on 11x17 inch (28x43,2cm) tabloid size paper, but you can scale them to whatever size you like. ISO A3 is very similar and should also work just fine. I have found that they work best on a laser printer, as I have pushed the borders to the limits.

My thanks to Martin Reynolds for starting this Tech Chart list. Also special thanks to Lou for all his help in moving these along, with great checking, feedback and a bunch of keying! Also to Graham, for getting BSD together.

Martin Reynolds has his own website from which some of these files originate.
You can find it here:

I've adapted and corrected a few files to the new "look" of the charts. I would like to create them all in the large tabloid format. If there are any mistakes, please let me know and I'll correct them. Martin is very interested in feedback from anyone who takes the big PDF file to Kinko's and just prints a batch. Their printers may not like the border-hugging. He has found that the big HP Laserjet works well. You can always set "adjust to paper size" when printing.

Marco Specialties and has these Tech Charts available on 11 x 17 inch peel and stick vinyl.

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manufactor name paper size game number card number system
Bally Atlantis tabloid/A3 2006   Bally 6803
Bally Attack From Mars tabloid/A3 50041 16-10183.1 WPC-95
Bally Baby Pacman tabloid/A3     AS-2518-133
Data East Back to the Future tabloid/A3     Data East version 3
Williams Bad Cats tabloid/A3 575   System 11B
Williams Banzai Run tabloid/A3 566   System 11B
Data East Batman tabloid/A3     Data East version 3
Sega Batman Forever tabloid/A3     Data East version 3b
Sega Baywatch tabloid/A3     Data East version 3b
Sega Baywatch (original image, no reproduction) tabloid/A3   820-6104-07 Data East version 3b
Bally Beat the Clock tabloid/A3 0C70   Bally 6803
Williams Big Guns tabloid/A3 557   System 11B
Bally Black Belt tabloid/A3 0E52   Bally 6803
Bally Black Jack tabloid/A3     AS-2518-17
Williams Black Knight 2000 tabloid/A3 563   System 11B
Bally Black Pyramid tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Black Rose tabloid/A3 20013   WPC-Fliptronics II
Bally Blackwater 100 tabloid/A3 0H07   Bally 6803
Bally BMX tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Williams Bram Stoker's Dracula tabloid/A3 50001   WPC-Fliptronics II
Bally Bug's Bunny Birthday Ball tabloid/A3 20009   System 11C
Bally Cactus Canyon tabloid/A3 50066   WPC-95
Bally Centaur tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Centaur II tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Data East Checkpoint tabloid/A3     Data East version 3
Bally Cirqus Voltaire tabloid/A3 50062   WPC-95
Bally City Slicker tabloid/A3 0E79   Bally 6803
Williams Congo tabloid/A3 50050 16-10209 WPC-95
Bally Corvette tabloid/A3 50036   WPC-S
Bally Creature from the Black Lagoon tabloid/A3 20018   WPC-Fliptronics II
Bally Cybernaut tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Williams Cyclone tabloid/A3 564   System 11B
Williams Demolition Man tabloid/A3 50028 31-1918-2 WPC-DCS
Williams Diner tabloid/A3 571   System 11C
Williams Dirty Harry tabloid/A3 50030   WPC-S
Bally Doctor Who tabloid/A3 20006   WPC-Fliptronics II
Bally Dolly Parton tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Dr. Dude tabloid/A3 2016   System 11C
Bally Dr. Dude (WPC version) tabloid/A3     WPC
Bally Dungeons & Dragons tabloid/A3 0H06   Bally 6803
Williams Earthshaker tabloid/A3 568   System 11B
Bally Eight Ball tabloid/A3     AS-2518-17
Bally Eight Ball Champ tabloid/A3 0B38   Bally 6803
Bally Eight Ball Deluxe tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Elektra tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Elvira and the Party Monsters tabloid/A3 2011   System 11B
Bally Embryon tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Escape from the Lost World tabloid/A3 0H05   Bally 6803
Bally Evel Knievel tabloid/A3     AS-2518-17
Williams F-14 Tomcat tabloid/A3 554   System 11A
Bally Fathom tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Williams Fire! tabloid/A3 556   System 11A
Bally Fireball Classic tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Fireball II tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Williams Fish Tales tabloid/A3 50005   WPC-Fliptronics II
Williams Fish Tales (with logo 2) tabloid/A3 50005   WPC-Fliptronics II
Williams Fish Tales (with logo 3) tabloid/A3 50005   WPC-Fliptronics II
Bally Flash Gordon tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Williams Flintstones tabloid/A3 50029   WPC-S
Sega Frankenstein (Mary Shelley) tabloid/A3     Data East version 3b
Bally Freedom tabloid/A3     AS-2518-17
Bally Frontier tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Williams Funhouse tabloid/A3 50003   WPC-AN
Bally Future Spa tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Gilligan's Island tabloid/A3 20003   WPC
Bally Goldball tabloid/A3     AS-2518-133
Williams Grand Lizard tabloid/A3 523   System 11
Bally Grand Slam tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Granny and the Gators tabloid/A3     AS-2518-133
Data East Guns 'n Roses tabloid/A3     Data East version 3
Data East Guns 'n Roses (original image, no reproduction)   820-6104-02 Data East version 3
Bally Hardbody tabloid/A3 0E94   Bally 6803
Bally Harlem Globetrotters tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Harley Davidson tabloid/A3 20001   WPC-AN
Bally Heavy Metal Meltdown tabloid/A3 0H03   Bally 6803
Williams High Speed tabloid/A3 541   System 11
Data East Hook tabloid/A3     Data East version 3
Bally Hotdoggin tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Williams Hurricane tabloid/A3 50012   WPC
Williams Indiana Jones: The pinball adventure tabloid/A3 50017   WPC-DCS
Bally Indianapolis 500 tabloid/A3 50026   WPC-S
Williams Jack•Bot tabloid/A3 50051   WPC-S
Williams Johnny Mnemonic tabloid/A3 50042   WPC-S
Williams Jokerz! tabloid/A3 567   System 11B
Bally Judge Dredd tabloid/A3 20020   WPC-DCS
Williams Junk Yard tabloid/A3 50052   WPC-95
Data East Jurassic Park tabloid/A3     Data East version 3
Bally Kings of Steel tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Kiss tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Lady Luck tabloid/A3 0E34   Bally 6803
Data East Laser War tabloid/A3     Data East version 1
Data East Last Action Hero tabloid/A3     Data East version 3
Data East Lethal Weapon 3 tabloid/A3     Data East version 3
Stern Lord of the Rings tabloid/A3 755-5310-80   SAM
Stern Lord of the Rings LE tabloid/A3 755-5310-80   SAM
Bally Lost World tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Mata Hari tabloid/A3     AS-2518-17
Sega Maverick (is the same as Data east) tabloid/A3     Data East version 3b
Data East Maverick (is the same as Sega) tabloid/A3     Data East version 3b
Williams Medievel Madness tabloid/A3 50059 16-10494.2 WPC-95
Bally Medusa tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Williams Millionaire tabloid/A3 555   System 11A
Data East Monday Night Football tabloid/A3     Data East version 2
Williams Monster Bash tabloid/A3 50065 16-10656 WPC-95
Bally Motordome tabloid/A3 0E14   Bally 6803
Bally Mousin Around tabloid/A3 2009   System 11B
Bally Mr & Mrs Pacman tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Mystic tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally NBA Fastbreak tabloid/A3 50053   WPC-95
Bally Night Rider tabloid/A3     AS-2518-17
Bally Nitro Groundshaker tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Williams No Fear: Dangerous Sports tabloid/A3 50025   WPC-S
Williams No Good Gofers tabloid/A3 50061 16-10531 WPC-95
Bally Paragon tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Party Animal tabloid/A3 0H01   Bally 6803
Bally Party Zone tabloid/A3 20004   WPC
Data East Phantom of the Opera tabloid/A3     Data East version 2
Williams Pin•Bot tabloid/A3 549   System 11
Bally Playboy tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Data East Playboy 35th Anniversary tabloid/A3     Data East version 2
Williams Police Force tabloid/A3 573   System 11B
Bally Pool Sharks tabloid/A3 2014   System 11C
Bally Popeye Saves the Earth tabloid/A3 50022   WPC-DCS
Bally Power Play tabloid/A3     AS-2518-17
Bally Radical tabloid/A3 2015   System 11C
Williams Riverboat Gambler tabloid/A3 50007   System 11C
Williams Road Kings tabloid/A3 542   System 11
Williams Road Show tabloid/A3 50024   WPC-S
Data East Robocop tabloid/A3     Data East version 2
Data East Rocky & Bullwinkle and Friends tabloid/A3     Data East version 3
Williams Rollergames tabloid/A3 576   System 11C
Bally Rolling Stones tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Safe Cracker tabloid/A3 90003   WPC-95
Bally Scared Stiff tabloid/A3 50048 16-10297.1 WPC-95
Data East Secret Service tabloid/A3     Data East version 2
Bally Silverball Mania tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Six Million Dollar Man tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Skateball tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Space Invaders tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Atari Space Riders (470x350mm)   020936-01 Gen. 1
Williams Space Station tabloid/A3 552   System 11B
Bally Speakeasy tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Special Force tabloid/A3 0E47   Bally 6803
Bally Spectrum tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Spy Hunter tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Star Trek tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Data East Star Trek 25th anniversary tabloid/A3     Data East version 3
Williams Star Trek: The Next Generation tabloid/A3 50023   WPC-DCS
Data East Star Wars tabloid/A3     Data East version 3
Bally Strange Science tabloid/A3 0E35   Bally 6803
Bally Strikes and Spares tabloid/A3     AS-2518-17
Bally Supersonic tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Williams Swords of Fury tabloid/A3 559   System 11B
Data East Tales From the Crypt tabloid/A3     Data East version 3
Williams Tales of the Arabian Nights tabloid/A3 50047   WPC-95
Williams Taxi tabloid/A3 553   System 11B
Data East Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tabloid/A3     Data East version 3
Williams Terminator 2: Judgement Day tabloid/A3 50013   WPC
Bally The Addams Family tabloid/A3 20017   WPC-Fliptronics I
Bally The Addams Family Gold tabloid/A3 50038   WPC-Fliptronics I
Bally The Bally Game Show tabloid/A3 2003   System 11C
Bally The Champion Pub tabloid/A3 50063   WPC-95
Williams The Getaway: High Speed II tabloid/A3 50004   WPC-Fliptronics II
Williams The Machine: Bride of Pinbot tabloid/A3 50002   WPC-AN
Bally The Shadow tabloid/A3 50032   WPC-S
Data East The Simpsons tabloid/A3     Data East version 3
Data East The Who's Tommy tabloid/A3     Data East version 3
Data East The Who's Tommy (original image, no reproduction)     Data East version 3
Bally Theatre of Magic tabloid/A3 50039   WPC-S
Data East Time Machine tabloid/A3     Data East version 2
Data East Torpedo Alley tabloid/A3     Data East version 2
Bally Transporter the Rescue tabloid/A3 2008   System 11B
Bally Truck Stop tabloid/A3 2001   Bally 6803
Bally Twilight Zone tabloid/A3 50020   WPC-Fliptronics II
Bally Vector tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Viking tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally Voltan tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Williams Whirlwind tabloid/A3 574   System 11B
Williams White Water tabloid/A3 50018   WPC-Fliptronics II
Bally Who Dunnit tabloid/A3 50044   WPC-S
Bally World Cup Soccer '94 tabloid/A3 50031   WPC-S
Williams WPC fuse cards (fliptronics I & II) tabloid/A3 16-9182-1, 16-9182-4, 16-9182-7, 16-9182-8
Williams WPC fuse list Fliptronics II A4      
Williams WPC fuse list Fliptronics II legal      
Williams WPC fuse list Fliptronics II tabloid/A3      
Williams WPC fuse list Fliptronics II (other version) A3 By Robert & Thijs 16-9182-8  
Williams WPC-95 fuse list A3      
Williams WPC-95 fuse list legal      
Williams WPC-95 fuse list tabloid/A3      
Data East WWF Royal Rumble tabloid/A3     Data East version 3
Bally Xenon tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35
Bally X's & O's tabloid/A3     AS-2518-35