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Manufactor Coil Code Wrapper size paper color
American Shuffleboard various various  
Bally A-25-1000 35mm  
Bally AF-25-500 28-1000 35mm  
Bally AF-25-600 28-800 35mm  
Bally AN-25-1200 35mm  
Bally AN-26-1200 35mm  
Bally AN-26-1300 35mm  
Bally AN-26-1900 35mm  
Bally AN-27-1300 35mm  
Bally AO-25-950 35mm  
Bally AO-26-1200 35mm  
Bally AO-27-1300 35mm  
Bally AO-28-1900 35mm  
Bally AO-29-2100 35mm  
Bally AP-26-1200 35mm  
Bally AP-27-1300 35mm  
Bally AQ-24-500 34-4500 35mm  
Bally AQ-24-570 34-3600 35mm  
Bally AQ-25-500 34-4500 35mm  
Bally AQ-25-500 34-5050 35mm  
Bally AQ-25-600 34-4500 35mm  
Bally AQ-26-600 34-4500 35mm  
Bally AR-26-1200 35mm  
Bally AT-26-1200 35mm  
Bally AT-27-1300 35mm  
Bally AT-27-1900 35mm  
Bally B-26-1100 28mm  
Bally B-27-1300 28mm  
Bally C-27-1000 24mm  
Bally C-28-1100 24mm  
Bally CC-31-2000 25mm  
Bally CD-29-1600 22mm  
Bally CE-31-2000 20mm  
Bally CJ-29-1500 25mm  
Bally CJ-31-2000 25mm  
Bally CN-31-2000 25mm  
Bally CV-29-1500 25mm  
Bally CV-31-2000 25mm  
Bally FC-32-2100 18mm  
Bally FC-33-2600 18mm  
Bally FO-36 7000 20mm  
Bally G-30-1500 16mm  
Bally G-31-1500 16mm  
Bally G-31-1600 16mm green
Bally G-31-1800 16mm  
Bally G-31-2000 16mm  
Bally G-31-2500 16mm  
Bally G-32-2500 16mm green
Bally G-33-2800 16mm  
Bally GA-34-4000 20mm  
Bally NB-26-1900 39mm  
Bally NO-24-1400 39mm  
Bally NO-26-1900 39mm  
Bally NO-27-2300 39mm  
Black Beast (Sega) 090-5001-00 23-800 35mm  
Black Beast (Sega) 090-5002-00 24-900 35mm  
Black Beast (Sega) 090-5003-00 27-1300 35mm  
Black Beast (Sega) 090-5004-00 27-1500 35mm  
Black Beast (Sega) 090-5005-00 23-840 35mm  
Black Beast (Sega) 090-5015-00 27-1400 35mm  
Black Beast (Sega) 090-5020-30 23-900 35mm  
Black Beast (Sega) 090-5022-00 23-700 35mm  
Black Beast (Sega) 090-5022-02 23-700 35mm  
Black Beast (Sega) 090-5023-00 22-600 35mm  
Black Beast (Sega) 090-5030-00 23-1100 35mm  
Black Beast (Sega) 090-5032-00 22-1080 35mm  
Black Beast (Sega) 090-5034-00 25-1240 35mm  
Black Beast (Sega) 090-5036-00 24-940 35mm  
Black Beast (Sega) 090-5044-00 26-1200 35mm  
Chicago Coin (CDI) D-28-1100 18mm  
Chicago Coin (CDI) FJ-21-375 32mm  
Chicago Coin (CDI) FJ-24-850 32mm  
Chicago Coin (CDI) H-26-650 28mm  
Chicago Coin (CDI) J-22-550 34mm  
Chicago Coin (CDI) K-28-1000 21mm  
Chicago Coin (CDI) K-28-1200 21mm  
Chicago Coin (CDI) K-29-1400 21mm  
Chicago Coin (CDI) K-30-1600 21mm  
Chicago Coin (CDI) N-24-700DX 30mm  
Chicago Coin (CDI) N-26-1000 28mm  
Chicago Coin (CDI) S-27-1700 34mm  
Chicago Coin (CDI) T-28-700 18mm  
Data East 090-5001-00 23-800 35mm  
Data East 090-5002-00 24-900 35mm  
Data East 090-5003-00 27-1300 35mm  
Data East 090-5004-00 27-1500 35mm  
Data East 090-5005-00 23-840 35mm  
Data East 090-5020-30 23-900 35mm  
Data East 090-5022-00 23-700 35mm  
Data East 090-5023-00 22-600 35mm  
Data East 090-5030-00 23-1100 35mm  
Data East 090-5032-00 22-1080 35mm  
Data East 090-5034-00 25-1240 35mm  
Data East 090-5036-00 24-940 35mm  
Data East 090-5044-00 26-1200 35mm  
Exhibit Supply 1-24 34mm green
Exhibit Supply 6-28 15mm green
Exhibit Supply 526 14mm green
Exhibit Supply 528 14mm red
Exhibit Supply 625 14mm black
Exhibit Supply 629 14mm black
Exhibit Supply 729F 18mm red
Exhibit Supply 1239 34mm black
Exhibit Supply 2025 34mm black
Exhibit Supply 3122 34mm black
Exhibit Supply E20-23 34mm black
Gottlieb A-489 16mm white
Gottlieb A-1084 18mm white
Gottlieb A-1496 34mm yellow
Gottlieb A-3498 16mm white
Gottlieb A-4893 34mm red
Gottlieb A-5141 34mm green
Gottlieb A-5143 34mm blue
Gottlieb A-5194 34mm blue
Gottlieb A-5195 34mm white
Gottlieb A-5196 43mm white
Gottlieb A-5197 43mm blue
Gottlieb A-5294 18mm orange
Gottlieb A-7677 16mm white
Gottlieb A-9736 16mm white
Gottlieb A-9738 16mm blue
Gottlieb A-12092 34mm blue
Gottlieb A-16570 34mm green
Gottlieb A-16890   orange
Gottlieb A-17564   white
Gottlieb A-17875 34mm yellow
Gottlieb A-17876 34mm white
Gottlieb A-17891   white
Gottlieb A-18102 43mm red
Gottlieb A-18318 43mm orange
Gottlieb A-18642   white
Gottlieb A-19300 34mm orange
Gottlieb A-20095 34mm red
Gottlieb A-20558   white
Gottlieb A-25959 39mm red
Gottlieb A-26450 34mm mauve
Gottlieb A-26451 34mm yellow
Gottlieb A-26926 34mm blue
Gottlieb A-31272 34mm blue
Gottlieb R20-4 18mm white
Gottlieb R20-5 16mm orange
Hankin ES-100 34mm white
Hankin ES-110 34mm yellow
Midway A25-600/34-4000 32mm yellow
Midway A-26 1200 34mm  
Midway B-28 1500 25mm  
Midway D-30 1800 20mm yellow
Midway D-31 2500 20mm red
Midway D-32 2700 20mm blue
Midway H-32 1700 20mm mauve
Midway J-29 1400 20mm red
Midway M-28 4500 20mm yellow
Midway M-34 2400 20mm yellow
Midway M-35 3000 20mm yellow
Midway M-36 3300 20mm red
Playmatic A-1005 34mm red
Playmatic A-1006 34mm red
Playmatic A-1007 34mm red
Playmatic A-1008A 42mm red
Playmatic AC-508 28mm red
Playmatic AC-617 18mm red
Playmatic AC-675 18mm red
Playmatic AC-682 28mm red
Playmatic AC-763 28mm red
Playmatic AC-2060 32mm red
Recreativos Franco Ref.30 16mm  
Recreativos Franco Ref.805 28mm  
Sega 090-5001-00 23-800 35mm  
Sega 090-5002-00 24-900 35mm  
Sega 090-5003-00 27-1300 35mm  
Sega 090-5004-00 27-1500 35mm  
Sega 090-5022-00 23-700 35mm  
Sega 090-5022-02 23-700 35mm  
Sega 090-5023-00 22-600 35mm  
Sega 090-5030-00 23-1100 35mm  
Sega 090-5032-00 22-1080 35mm  
Sega 090-5034-00 25-1240 35mm  
Sega 090-5036-00 24-940 35mm  
Sega 090-5036-08 24-940 35mm  
Sega 090-5044-00 26-1200 35mm  
Sega 090-5044-0T 26-1200 35mm  
Stern Electronics B-24-1600 38mm  
Stern Electronics B 27-2300 38mm  
Stern Electronics C-31-1800 14mm  
Stern Electronics C-36-5300 14mm  
Stern Electronics J-25-450 34-4500 35mm  
Stern Electronics J-25-475 34-4500 35mm  
Stern Electronics J-25-500 34-4500 35mm  
Stern Electronics J-25-500 34-5050 35mm  
Stern Electronics J-25-600 34-4500 35mm  
Stern Electronics J-26-1100 35mm  
Stern Electronics J-26-1200 35mm  
Stern Electronics J 26-1500 35mm  
Stern Electronics J-26-1600 35mm  
Stern Electronics J-27-1600 35mm  
Stern Electronics J-27-1700 35mm  
Stern Electronics J 28-2300 35mm  
Stern Electronics JX 26-1100 35mm  
Stern Electronics JX 26-1200 35mm  
Stern Electronics N 26-1200 29mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5001-00 13mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5002-00 13mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5003-00 13mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5004-00 13mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5005-00 13mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5020-2OT 13mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5020-30 13mm green
Stern Pinball 090-5022-00 13mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5022-02 13mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5023-00 13mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5025-00 13mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5030-00 13mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5030-OT 13mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5032-00 13mm yellow
Stern Pinball 090-5032-OT 13mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5034-00 13mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5036-00 13mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5041-00 13mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5044-00 13mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5044-OT 13mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5046-00 28-1050 21mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5001-00 23-800 35mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5002-00 24-900 35mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5003-00 27-1300 35mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5004-00 27-1500 35mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5005-00 23-840 35mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5022-00 23-700 35mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5023-00 22-600 35mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5030-00 23-1100 35mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5032-00 22-1080 35mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5034-00 25-1240 35mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5036-00 24-940 35mm  
Stern Pinball 090-5044-00 26-1200 35mm  
Williams -01 (white strip) 7mm white
Williams -02 (white strip) 7mm white
Williams -03 (white strip) 7mm white
Williams -01, -02, 03 (white strip) 7mm white
Williams A-12158-1 28mm red
Williams A-14151 48mm  
Williams A-14189 48mm yellow
Williams A-14406 14mm blue
Williams A-14701 35mm red
Williams A-14789 48mm red
Williams A-15016 48mm mauve
Williams A-15943 48mm mauve
Williams A-20099 48mm brown
Williams A-20099 48mm brown/yellow
Williams A-25 950 32mm  
Williams A-26 1350 32mm  
Williams A-28 2000 32mm  
Williams A2-23 750 32mm blue
Williams AE-23-800 35mm yellow
Williams AE1-23-800 35mm yellow
Williams AE-24-900 35mm red
Williams AE-25-1000 35mm brown/yellow
Williams AE1-25-1000 35mm brown/yellow
Williams AE-26-1200 35mm green
Williams AE1-26-1200 35mm green
Williams AE-26-1400 35mm yellow
Williams AE-26-1500 35mm blue
Williams AE1-26-1500 35mm blue
Williams AE-26-900 35mm red
Williams AE-27-1000 35mm white
Williams AE-27-1200 35mm white
Williams AE1-27-1200 35mm white
Williams AE-28-1500 35mm blue
Williams AE-30-2000 35mm mauve
Williams AL-23-800 35mm yellow
Williams AL-25-1000 35mm brown/yellow
Williams AL-26-1500 35mm brown/yellow
Williams AR-26-1500 35mm blue
Williams B1-26-800 24mm blue
Williams B-28 1150 21mm red
Williams C2-26-800 24mm blue
Williams D-24-875 115V 48mm red
Williams FL-11629 48mm blue
Williams FL1-11629 48mm blue
Williams FL-11630 48mm red
Williams FL-11722 48mm green
Williams FL1-11722 48mm green
Williams FL-11753 48mm yellow
Williams FL1-11753 48mm yellow
Williams FL-15411 48mm orange
Williams FL1-15411 48mm orange
Williams FL-17636 48mm blue
Williams FL-20867 48mm white
Williams FL1-22241 48mm mauve
Williams FL-20-300 28-400 35mm blue
Williams FL-21-375 28-400 35mm blue
Williams FL-23-600 30-2600 35mm blue
Williams G-22 550 32mm blue
Williams G-23 600 32mm blue
Williams G-23 750 32mm orange
Williams G-23 750-DC 32mm orange
Williams LE-23-1300 48mm yellow
Williams M-29 1000 15mm blue
Williams M-29 1100 15mm blue
Williams M-30 1400 15mm blue
Williams M1-31 1500 15mm blue
Williams SA-23 850-DC 35mm orange
Williams SA2-23 850-DC 35mm  orange
Williams SA3-23 850-DC 35mm orange
Williams SA3-24 750-DC 35mm orange
Williams SA3-23 900-DC 35mm orange
Williams SA4-23 850-DC 35mm orange
Williams SA5-24 750-DC 35mm orange
Williams SA6-24 750-DC 35mm red
Williams SFL 19-30 DC 48mm orange
Williams SFL-19 400/30-750-DC 48mm orange
Williams SFL-20-300 30-800-DC 35mm yellow
Williams SG1-23 850-DC 35mm orange
Williams SG-23 850-DC 35mm orange
Williams SG-23 900-DC 35mm orange
Williams SM1-26-600 18mm yellow
Williams SM1-28-900-DC 18mm yellow
Williams SM-26-600-DC 18mm red
Williams SM-29 1000-DC 15mm yellow
Williams SM-30-1100-DC 25mm red
Williams SM-31-900-DC 25mm blue
Williams SM-35-4000-DC 15mm orange
Williams SM-45 4000-DC 18mm orange
Williams SZ-33-3000 21mm red
Williams T-28 960 18mm green
Williams T-33 2300 18mm  
Williams T-34 3000 18mm red
Williams W-10 16mm  
Williams W-20 16mm  
Williams Z-27 1000 18mm blue
Williams Z-28 1150 18mm blue
Williams Z-28 1200 18mm blue
Williams Z-28 1500 18mm blue
Williams Z-29 1100 18mm blue
Williams Z-29 1250 18mm blue
Williams Z-30 1800 18mm blue
Williams Z-31 2300 18mm blue
Williams Z-35 4200 18mm blue
Zaccaria 50VDC D355-S1000  D14-S6000 35mm blue
Zaccaria 50VDC D40-S1200 35mm orange
Zaccaria 50VDC D45-S1000 35mm yellow
Zaccaria 50VDC D45-S500 D14-S6000 35mm green
Zaccaria 50VDC D50-S1600 45mm orange
Zaccaria 50VDC D50-S600 D14-S5000 35mm  
Zaccaria 50VDC D71-S1700 75mm pink tan