game name cards variations score card system
Additional information card 12A-162      
Coils warning card 12D-165 switch 8   M-100
Coils warning card 12D-165-1 switch 33   M-200
Coin credits adjustment 12A-157     M-100
Coin credits adjustment 12D-STD-228      
Credit Display Test card not numbered      
Flipper Jumper card 12A-B-432-FJ      
Fuse label (power supply) 12A-167      
Fuse label (power supply) MPU-200     M-200
Fuse label 12A-181 1/4A (Slo-Blo)    
Fuse label 12A-182 1A (Slo-Blo)    
Game adjustments card 12A-156     M-100
Ground Return card 12D-162-1      
Ground Strap 12D-198-1      
Inspection label example      
Self Test card 12D-154-1      
Serial number label example can be adjusted to match your game number (send me an email)    
Score cards (white version) 12D-2-XX score cards, extra ball, special, high score to date, match inserts.  
Score cards (black version) 12D-3-XX score cards, extra ball, special, high score to date, match inserts.  
Transformer card 12D-153 16B-3 (original image)    
Transformer card 12D-153 16B-3 (reproduction)    
Transformer card 12B-16B-6L      
Various High Voltage labels        
Ali 12C-2-119 23-23A   M-200
Big Game 12B-2-121 21-22-22A-23-23A   M-200
switch assignments 12D-266-6      
Catacomb 12B-2-147 22, 22-German 12D-SC-2-34 M-200
switch assignments 12B-266-17      
Cheetah 12C-2-116 22-22A   M-200
Disco 12B-2-100 14-14A-20-20A   EM
Dracula 12B-2-109 22-22A-23-23A-24-24A 12D-1-34 M-100
Dragonfist   1 unknown 12D-SC-2-34 M-200
switch assignments        
Flight 2000 12B-2-128 22-22A   M-200
switch assignments 12B-266-12      
Freefall 12B-2-134 22-22A-23-25   M-200
Galaxy 12C-2-114 22-22A-23-23A-24-24A-25   M-200
self test display numbers 12C-264-5      
switch assignments 12D-266-5      
Hot Hand 12B-112 22-22A   M-100
game adjustments 12C-266-2 original image    
self test display numbers   original image    
Iron Maiden   English, German   M-200
switch assignments        
Lectronamo 12B-2-105 23, 23A, 24, 24A, 25 12D-1-33A M-100
Lightning 12B-2-126 22   M-200
Magic 12B-2 23-23A-24-24A   M-100
Memory Lane 12B-2-104 23-23A-24-24A   M-100
Meteor 12B-2-113 22-22A-23-23A-24-24A, Dutch   M-200
self test display numbers number missing    
switch assignments 12D-266-4      
Nine Ball 12B-2-125 1-22-22A-23-23A-24-24A-25-25A-26-26A-27-27A-28-28A-29-29A 12D-SC-2-79 M-200
Nugent 12B-2-108 22, 22A, 23, 23A, 24, 24A   M-100
Orbitor 1   English, German   M-200
Pinball 12B-2-101 20-20A-21   M-100
high score award adjustment 12A-155      
self test display numbers 12A-xxx      
Quick Silver 12B-2-121     M-200
self test display numbers        
switch assignments 12D-266-10      
Seawitch 12B-2-123 22-22A-22(blue) 12D-SC-2-75 M-200
switch assignments 12D-266-8      
Split Second 12B-2-144 22A   M-200
Stampede   L-219, L-105   EM
Star Gazer 12B-2-127 22A-24-24A- 12D-SC-4-33 M-200
self test display numbers 12C-264-11      
switch assignments 12C-266-11      
Stars 12B-2-103 21-22-22A-23-23A-24-24A   M-100
self test display numbers 12A-187      
game adjustments 12A-188      
high score award adjustment 12A-189      
Stingray 12B-2-102 20, 20A   M-100
Trident 12B-2-110 22-23-23A-24-24A 12D-1-33 M-100
game adjustments 12C-244-1      
self test display numbers number missing    
Viper   1 unknown   M-200
Wild Fyre 12B-2-106 22-22A-23-23A-24-24A 12D-1-34 M-100