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Wizard of OZ Limited Edition Pinball By Jersey Jack Pinball

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Emerald City Limited Edition Wizard of Oz April, 2013
Manufacturer: Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc.
Type: Solid State Electronic (SS)
Theme: Fantasy - Licensed Theme - Wizard/Magic
Specialty: Widebody
Notable Features: Flippers (5), Pop bumpers (4), Slingshots (3), Magnets (5), VUKs (2), Drop target (1), Scoops (2), Ball locks (2), Spinning target (1), Rollovers (7),
Shaker motor, Multiball. Winged Monkey moves along diagonal track on playfield back wall to deliver the ball to upper left mini-playfield. OLED crystal ball
displays any of thirty or more "videos" not necessarily in concert with game play. Backbox has a 26-inch High Definition LCD display.
The playfield and topper illumination is provided by LEDs. Legs, lockdown bar, and side rails are green in color. Non-reflective playfield glass.
The Witch's Castle (upper left mini-playfield) has three motorized doors. The first is the Winged Monkey ball lock which holds a ball until the game wants to release it.
The other two are the "castle gates" which open inward to reveal a scoop after repeated bashings from the ball in play.
Toys: Melting wicked witch in plastic tube moves up and down. Dorothy's house spins.
Design by: Joe Balcer
Art by: Jerry Vanderstelt, Greg Freres, Matt Riesterer
Dots/Animation by: Jean-Paul de Win
Mechanics by: Bryan Hansen
Music by: Chris Granner, Rob Berry
Sound by: ChrisGranner, Rob Berry
Software by: Keith P. Johnson, Ted Estes
Notes: Dennis Nordman built the original house model and the concept for the original witch mechanism.
Matt Riesterer was the sculptor and fabricator of the toys and other items. At our request, he listed them for us:
Ruby slipper flippers, Munchkin huts and roofs, the witch legs in the house, the witch castle walls, the throwing apple trees, the witch, the State Fair balloon, and the topper.
In addition, he co-created the laser-cut Oz head, helped design the crystal ball, and helped with the powder coating.
This model is advertised as a limited run of 1000, currently in production (per Jack Guarnieri, March 2013), end of production not yet confirmed.
There was no one-page advertising flyer made for this version because, per the manufacturer, all units were sold before the time that a flyer would be made.


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