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Search criteria:  City like Cleveland, Country is United States, State is OH
Query: select loc.locationnumber, loc.busname, loc.address,, loc.state, loc.zipcode, loc.url, loc.gamecount,, loc.metroarea,, loc.notes, loc.latitude, loc.longitude,, loc.locationtype, (select typename from locationtypes lt where loc.locationtype = lt.locationtype) typename, games.pinname, games.notes as gamenotes, as gamedate, games.recordnumber from locations loc left join (select * from games where deleted = '' or deleted is null) games on loc.locationnumber = games.locationnumber where (loc.deleted = '' or loc.deleted is null) and like '%Cleveland%' and = 'United States' and loc.state = 'OH' order by loc.busname asc, loc.address asc, games.pinname asc
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