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Berlin Farmers Market Arcade Business
41 Clementon Rd, Berlin, NJ, 08009 United States
41 Clementon Rd, Berlin, NJ, 08009 United States
Machines never get software updates, most work well and are kinda clean with only few wear and tear issues (e.g. switch not registering, drop target broken). Only open Thursday-Sunday.15 Nov 2017
Games: 9
Big Buck Hunter Weak flippers, Ram kicker broken, Buck target in center doesn't move and doesn't register hits. Aka, a big broken mess 15 Nov 2017
Break Shot Fixed and working good on 7/2/17. 3 Jul 2017
Game of Thrones Game on initial software, no software updates since being added to arcade, otherwise working alright. 19 Mar 2017
Game Show Plays fine no issues 17 Apr 2016
Ghostbusters Still on initial 1.05 software version 18 Mar 2017
Shaq Attaq Fresh from total overhaul on 7/2/17. All new rubbers, LED lights, everything either repaired/replaced to make game play like new. Cleanest version I've seen of the game since came out in the mid 90's! 3 Jul 2017
Simpsons Pinball Party Ball has trouble getting popped up to top playfield (takes 10+ hit to get it up there without bouncing back and down the hole again), otherwise still playing like new. 24 May 2017
South Park Fixed and working good on 7/2/17. 3 Jul 2017
Williams Hot Shot Basketball Not a pinball but made by a pinball company so figured I'd include it. Shoot mini basketballs by pressing button game not real balls hand thrown like other basket ball games. 2 Aug 2014