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 This software allows you to open any WPC ROM file and view the dot-matrix images that are stored within. It is pretty neat as we can finally see the infamous limo image in the STTNG and also the rumored Borg image that is also present (search RGP archives).

At this time I am only emailing this out to certain people who I know and trust. Email me for details.

Software requires at least 800x600 screen resolution due to the size of the DMD viewer window (see screen shots below). It is designed to work on any version of Windows (95 and above). I did have one problem with it working on a Windows 98 box but I believe it was due to graphic drivers on the system.

As you can see in the screenshots below, the dot matrix data is stored in the ROM in 2 planes, the DIM plane and the MEDIUM plane. When drawing most graphics, the planes are overlaid on top of each other. Wherever there is a pixel set in only the DIM plane, a dim pixel is produced. Wherever there is a pixel set in only the MEDIUM plane, a medium pixel is produced. Wherever a pixel is set in BOTH planes, a BRIGHT pixel is produced. This results in 3 different shades of pixel brightness. Sometimes only a single plane of a graphic is shown on the DMD, hence the 'blended' planes in the 3rd window in the screenshots is not always accurate and either the DIM or MEDIUM plane is the image that would be shown on the DMD.


Below is a screen shot of the Addams Family ROM.



Below is a screen shot from the Creature from the Black Lagoon ROM. The pixel color was changed to green when this screen shot was taken.



Below is a screen shot from the Scared Stiff ROM. This shows an image that was used during the pinball show back in 1996. The pixel color was set to blue for this screen shot.



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