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Welcome to the WPC Commented Disassembly home page! This page will provide updates on the current state of the WPC Commented Disassembly progress.


This project began in early 2004. Initially the commented disassembly of WPC code was only started for the small task of being able to extract the dot-matrix data from the ROM images. This project was completed in March of 2004 which resulted in the private release of the WPCEdit software. Once WPCEdit was finished it was decided to go ahead and dive into the ROM and see what other goodies can be extracted. It wasn't long before it was realized that the complete disassembly, trace and annotation of the WPC code would have the most beneficial effect for the pinball community.

With a completely commented disassembly of a single WPC Game (IJ-L7), it will be relatively simple for other WPC ROM images to be disassembled and commented also. This will ultimately result in the disassembly of any WPC ROM with the repair of any and all bugs as well as any customization of the rule-sets as the available code-space permits. Indiana Jones L-7 was chosen as the initial game to disassemble simply because it is the most known to the person(s) disassembling the code and it will be easier to identify what the code may be doing at certain points since we've played the game so much.

This project is expected to take quite a long time. It was initially predicted that it could take up to 4 years if this project is only done in our spare time. If we hit this project with greater attention we could reduce it down to 1 or 2 years. Of course it would only take a couple mouse-clicks by the original game designers to provide this to the public, however we don't want them or anybody getting into trouble so we'll do it the hard way.



The following items are some of the parts of the code that have been disassembled. Even up to this point there is quite a bit of good information that has been found and the potential for custom coding and rule-set modifications is unlimited.

In addition to the above, lots of other small sections of code have been commented such as high-score table validation and reset and text-string handling. There is too much to list on this web-page however this partial list of items completed is presented only to provide the reader a sense of what we're doing and the potential of game modifications in the future. In the future as more chunks of code are done, this web-page will be updated. If there are no updates for many many months, feel free to email me and ask what is going on.



This section of the web-page is where new information will be added.



(If I get asked the same questions several times, I will post them here)


Sharing of Information

At this time information obtained during the WPC Disassembly is not being distributed. Again, this web-page is provided to let pinball hobbyists know that someday there will be a fix for their bugs and someday we will be able to make customizations.


Legal Disclaimer

The information provided on this web-page is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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