-Raise the playfield. Clean up the inside of the cabinet. Wipe the speaker and big transformer. Clean up to your pleasing. I even got out the vacuum and sucked up the dust.

-Try to clean up the metal part in front, the piece with 'Inspected by' and 'Install 6 balls' stickers on it.

-Put the playfield back into the cabinet.

-Clean and install the 6 balls.

-Clean both sides of the glass and install it. (I just put the glass on, clean one side, then take glass out and turn it around and reinstall it, then clean again (the other side)).

-Install backglass and clean entire front of backbox. The backglass, speaker panel and wood edging (be careful of splinters).

-Clean up all sides of the game. Including the top of the backbox and the front. Around the gun, the coin door, the back of the game. Clean the legs. Check for gum stuck to the bottom and remove it.

That's it! Have a beer or your favorite non-alcoholic beverage and enjoy your Indiana Jones!


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