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  Owner: Serial # Mfg. date: Location: Web Site Comments
1. Rob Bell 52701054302 4/06/1993 Concord, CA Yes A perfect stunning example of this game. Cabinet has no fade and the playfield is perfect. Play is fantastic and challenging. Picked up game in Houston, TX. Thanks Richard!
2. John Wart, Jr. 52701053521 4/12/1993 Columbus, Indiana USA Yes Currently being restored with clear coated playfield, Cliffy scoop protector, customized with all blue plastic posts, bumper caps, lane guides etc. NOS  plastics set. Awesome game!
3. Lou Perazzoli 52701208422 4/28/1993  Redmond, WA Yes Home Use Only, perfect condition. BSD Shop Out Guide on my website.
4. Mark Hooks 52701108492 4/29/1993 Tallahassee, FL Yes I bought my Dracula out of the arcade I used to hang out in back in my home town (Lexington KY)  This one is the third Dracula I've owned. Dracula is one of those pins that you miss if you sell it. I love the ramp loops and the video mode. Mist multiball is a blast too.
5. Justin Adams 52701019261 4/02/1993 Long Island, New York No My first pin, purchased in 1995. In outstanding condition, with no cabinet fading and no playfield wear.
6. John Sharrard 52701053131 4/06/1993 Oregon City, OR Yes

Picked game up off Ebay as a restoration project. Game is cosmetically good overall, but missing driver board and CPU PCBs. Currently repairing replacement PCB boards.

7. Kevin Ramsey 52701016352 2/04/1993 Baltimore, MD No
Bought at auction. Beautiful fun game after shop job. Tony D's speaker mod. Cliffy's protector. Wife says it's a keeper but she has scary laugh after playing.
8. Scott Beatty 51401106042 4/23/93 Jacksonville, NC No The game is a re-import and was a nasty mess when I got it.  I recently shopped the playfield and installed an NOS set of plastics, new star posts, new skinny red posts. What a difference that made in appearance and game play.  I am debating doing any work to the cabinet as I would like to keep it original but it is pretty rough.  If anyone hears of a decent cabinet for sale, let me know.
9. Kim Brennan 50201060182 4/30/1993 Vienna, Virginia No I picked mine up, dirty (really filthy) but fully functional. Cleaned up nicely, replaced all broken plastics. Still haven't mounted the prototype ones though. I also custom made protectors for every plastic that was broken (center, slingshots, left and right plastics, etc.)
10. Toney Priewe 52501103651 5/07/1993 Wisconsin No Fun pin to play, deserves a better rating, fun pin for a 1993!
11. John Duchi 52701206752 4/28/1993 Temecula, CA No It has the proto sling plastics and Cliffy rat hole protector, but I have changed all the posts and caps to blue, replaced the incorrectly colored targets with the correct green ones, done some cab repairs and paint touchups, and cleaned it up nicely. It's a great game in very good condition that I don't want to part with if I can help it.
12. Troy North 51401061371 4/15/1993 Festus, Mo No My first DMD game to my collection, (which is now up to 11 and growing), and still one of my favorites.  Came from a local pinball trader friend and was in very good condition with a few minor switch bugs and average dirt buildup.  Cleaned up sweet and plays 100% FUN.  A very good pinball machine with great ball play and video mode. 
13. Rob Hurley 52701034731 4/2/1993 Burke, VA No
A very nice original example of this game. The cab is very clean with no fade, and never drilled for a lockbar. The pf is in very good condition with very minor wear.  It is a domestic game purchased from NY. What a blast it is too play!
14. Jelle Nelemans 50401106212 5/03/1993 Breda, The Netherlands Yes
A very nice example, with repro proto-slingshot plastics added. Everybody just loves the BSD. Easy to understand rules and fast as lightning with those smooth ramps. Great sound and animation. Wife's favorite. Keeper for sure!
15. Matt Elder 51401000911 3/16/1993 Muscatine, Iowa No My machine is an Italian re-import, and is a very nice example of this title. The cabinet has no fade, and is nice and clean. The playfield is also is very nice looking, and features proto slings, and lightning flippers. Overall, it's a beautiful machine, and is a blast to play!

Robert Fellows



San Ramon, CA


Found via Rob Bell.  Just off a route, in storage, very dirty and un-maintained. Partially functional and needed repair to the opto board and one IDC connector. The rest of the boards are perfect, and original.  Cleaned up pretty well, replaced several plastics, the DMD, several optos, rebuilt the flippers and corrected an incorrectly soldered diode and fixed a couple of micro switches.  Now that I have it working 100%, I need to finish the rebuilds to the solenoids and finish the shop job.   Some of the rubber rings were original issue, about 13 years old.

17. Nicholas Landau 50101019131 3/24/1993 Chicago, IL Yes
Re-import, dirty, filthy, needed a complete shop job, but playfield in almost perfect.  Cabinet faded is the only bad thing.   Decals for cab coming soon?
18. Teresa Mason & Stephen Peters 50201975660
3/11/1993 Los Angeles, California No We bought our beloved Drac for $1,500 at a local pinball shop. It came pretty clean and completely functioning, but in the first two weeks we had to locate and re-secure a screw under the Mystery drop hole, adjust the track at the other end of the same hole, and reattach a flipper spring. (Though the machine came with a 30-day warranty, we thought it might be a good time to try out our newbie shopping skills, and so far so good.) This is a GREAT overlooked DMD pin and worth every penny. Blood is too precious a thing in these times.
19. Jorge Jarpa 52701105372 4/12/1993 Santiago, Chile No

I own a Dracula pinball Machine is in excelent condition i just clean all the playfield and change all the bulbs and rubbers was a very fun Project i bought it last month for less than $ 500 dolars the machine was stored for a year or so everything is working fine   the play field has no wear the back glass is ok so is the cabinet I am verry happy with the machine serial number 52701105372 Manufactured 4/12/93 I also own a Mars God of War and Juarassic Park.

20. Armand & Sherry Bastien 50401208172 5/03/1993 Galveston, TX No
In the process of total restoration to MINT condition! Clear coating playfield and new everything! A fantastic, off-beat pin that will make a prefect addition to our ever expanding (11-pins) game room :)
21. Chas Gantz 52701053132
Bowie, Md Yes Yes another Ebay purchase. Good thing it was local to me. Over all in good condition and plays great. No fade. Just need to replace a couple of plastics.
22. Harry Williamson 50101-053562 3/18/1993 Sewell, NJ No
Great cabinet.  Very little fade, solid playfield, graveyard spotlight mod
done.  Great themed game.
23. Oguz Goer 50201103142 4/16/1993 Germany No Machine is in good condition, a very clean playfield, balls run fast. Cleaned the pin, and replaced some broken things and one coil, but all features are ok. Great mist multiball. I love this machine, it is one of my favorites.
24. Andreas Wessel 50701001011 3/15/1993 Bad Oeynhausen,Germany Yes I buy this Pin in Feb.2004, it was a very dirty Pin for 250$.(German 500 Euro)
But fully functional. And 20 Days work later, very bright and clean. And repro proto slingshot plastics added.
25. Shan Lee 50701058198 ??/??/???? Brisbane, Australia No Its my first Pin and I love it. The condition is pretty good in general, but not what Id call mint. A couple of corners cracked off the plastics and some slight damage to the case & legs, and dents in the metal runners up each side where it was apparently stored for a long time with the backboard folded down and things dumped on top of it.
26. James Cadden 51001973030 3/29/1993 Oakland, NJ No My 4th pin. Apparently returned to the US from Germany. Overall in good condition. Great game play.  Video mode is a cool feature.
27. Dan Slimm 52701856300 2/12/1993 Omaha, Nebraska No Proto sling plastics and ROMS. Very nice shape and great to play.
28. Terry Johnson 52701042351 4/02/1993 Santa Rosa, CA No The machine is in good shape with no apparent wear on the playing field. Every thing appears to work as it should. The right side of the machine does have faded red that looks almost white. Other than that only a few nicks and scratches. I love this machine and enjoy the challenge. My top score to date is 225M after playing about a hundred games.
29. Jason Rufer 52701054742 4/7/1993 USA No Collector quality, no fading. NOS plastics, proto slings. Original yellow lightning flippers.
30. Johan Fonteyn ??? ??/??/???? Brussels, Belgium No Just bought me second hand Dracula Machine, and it works great. I have no real experience with pinball games, but it is really an enjoyable game. Well designed, and works great. Nice sounds and video mode. Display graphics and layout are very entertaining and full of motion and speed.
31. Csakanyos Szilard 52701636531 4/01/1993 ??? No N/A
Lee Sandt
52701051292 4/02/1993 Bethlehem, PA No
I bought this machine about 4 years ago at the Allentown show. It is a really nice example of the game. No cabinet fade at all and no playfield issues. I will be adding the early production slings and changing the caps and stand-offs to blue when I give it it's next cleaning which will be very shortly. In my opinion Dracula is very underrated. If you are a good player this machine should challenge you. If you're not a good player it will eat you up!  :)
33. David Thompson 50201006801 3/11/93 Echuca, Victoria, Australia No First pinball for a complete pinball newbie.  Bought it from Bumper Action Amusements in Melbourne in excellent "fully shopped" condition.  My 9-year old son is already kicking my arse after 24 hours!
34. Alex Duin 50201976190 3/25/1993 Netherlands,
Sint Pancras
Yes Picked up exactly 10 years after the Mfg date!  This is my second Dracula, my first one is still playable in Silverstone at a real Pinball Amusement Hall. Good example game with no fade at all. It's a keeper that's for sure!
35. John Edmondson 50401058746 5/06/1993
Western Australia
No I've been fortunate enough be able to own one of these machines for the last few years now.  I bought it at an auction for $2200 and would have spent a further $700 or so on maintenance and repairs and spare parts since.  The machine was bought for my own use but decided to put it in my shop for the public to play as well.  It has so far paid for a trip to New Zealand for my wife and son, paid for another machine that has paid for itself as well, and has almost fully returned every cent spent on it.  The magnet for the mist feature has had to be disabled but everything else works fine.  The odd broken wire or flipper I can fix myself but this magnet switch has me stuffed.
36. Erikjan Beuk  51401008701 03/16/1993 Genova
Bought from a coin-op and was really worn out... Cabinet ok but needed some real clean up. Whole family involved for cleaning and after for playing...
37. Chris DeFrancisco 52701058572 04/06/1993 St. Paul, MN No Purchased from an operator in Chicago, NOS parts I swapped in:
playfield, plastics set, red star posts, red posts, jet bumpers/caps,
white rubber set, new coil sleeves.  Also added blood red flipper bats
which look terrific.  The game plays wonderfully.  Cabinet is worn
around the flipper buttons, I haven't touched it up yet.  Overall, a
very underrated and great game!  Thirrrrrttyyyy Millllion!
38. Tony Scott 52501062772 05/07/1993 Cambridgeshire, U.K. No Bought for my own personal use. Needed a bit of work, and still does. Now I have to buy another pinball for the wife!!
39. Greg Colton 52701037622 02/11/1993 Valley Glen, CA No My first Williams!!! It was really filthy when I got it, half the GI didn't work, had no glass, some cracked far I've stripped, cleaned, re-rubbered and re-bulbed it.... Fixed the GI and some other connections. It's shiny and bright right now. The playfield's almost perfect... Sides have a few nicks here and there, with very slight fade - it's still red, just not DEEP RED. Proto-stuff...P-11 ROMS, proto slings, red coffin bulb covers, and green center targets.
40. Scott Sawin 50101053322 04/05/1993 Yuba City, CA Yes

This is my first pin.  I bought it on Ebay from someone on the East coast.  The machine looked to be in good condition but required lots of work.  I spend over 40 hours shopping the machine, tons of new parts..  Just added a Pinball Pro and it sounds awesome.  Website will be posted son.  The machine is for home use. 

41. Blair Talbot 50701057812 1993 Wollongong NSW Australia No My first pinball machine.  At the time of purchase I would rate the machine as average to above average.  I got the playfield flying after several good cleans. "I I also re-built flippers and re-rubbered the playfield All in all, I would rate this machine as a home wrecker - already spent way too much time in the garage playing it away from the bride and kids.  Too much fun!
42. Frank Traut 52701053311 4/06/1993 Janesville, WI Yes

I found my Dracula quietly sitting in an operators warehouse one day.  He did not want to sell the Dracula because he had plans to operate it at a Moose Club here in Janesville, WI. I quickly developed a good rapport with him and mentioned that if all he wanted to do was operate any old pinball there, I'd give him a couple of my machines for his Dracula. I was expecting him to want something like a Diner, Dr. Dude, etc. but when him and his son came over to look at what I had, they fell in love with a mint Williams Jungle Lord I had for sale. I ended up trading him my Jungle Lord + a Stern Wild Fire for his Dracula + $300!

43. Frank Miklin 50202059352 04/16/93 Lausen, Switzerland No condition, I own it for some years now. I love the game, my girlfriend always calls it damn slow ;O)
44. Federico "Wiz" Croci 51401056092 4/15/93 Italy Yes

No cabinet fading. Proto slings. Original yellow lightning flippers. Proto "Start" button. Inside adjustment charts, stapled to the cabinet, are photocopied, not printed.

45. Damien Cowin 50601110221 5/13//1993 Adelaide, Australia No This little gem was purchased for the measly price of$2200. The only imperfection was the typical faded red front on cabinet. I have since touched this up and the front is more vibrant now than the original, giving a more "blood red" appearance. It is easily now a $3500-$4000 machine... I didn't like this game at first, but then it grew on me as is now up there on my rankings as a premium pin for serious collectors-a must have.
46. Kevin Devos 52801968710 03/08/1993 Belgium , Antwerp No bought this game almost 10 years ago when i still lived at my parents place (boy they where happy, lol ) after i mover to a small studio i couldn't move it to there but now finally after 5 years being in a dark coffin (litterally :) , I made a wooden box for it to let sleep my beauty and survive all those years ) she arose from the death and proudly stands in my living room now. And everything works perfectly. even the red painting on the sides is still blood red without fading.
47. Jens Martens 50201015781 3/25/1993 Syke, Germany No Its my first Pinball. And find the sound of these Pinballis very good.
Great condition. Only 1600 plays.
Jason Cumming

Playfield and cards are in fantastic condition, alas the sides are no longer blood red. Just about to replace the flipper mechs, and umming and ahhing over whether to put the lightning flippers back
Mike Binder 50201208672.
IIda Michigan
The game has provided many hours of enjoyment for the wife, kids, and myself.  The whole family constantly recites quotes from the game.
   "Only a moments courage and it is done".
Chris King
Kent U.K.



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Bram Stoker's Dracula
April, 1993 / 4 Players
Manufacturer: Williams
Model Number: 50001
MPU: Williams WPC
Type: Solid State Electronic
Production: 6,801 units
Theme: Celebrities - Fictional
Notable Features: Flippers(2), Ramps(2), Multiball(3 Modes), Automatic plunger
Toys: Under-the playfield magnet moves pinball for Mist Multiball
Design by: Barry Oursler
Art by: Mark Sprenger
Music by: Paul Heitsch
Sound by: Paul Heitsch
Software by: Bill Pfutzenreuter